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NFL mock draft 2017 round up: Would the Eagles go offensive tackle in the first?

The takes won’t peter out

NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Wisconsin vs Western Michigan Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s beautiful out so let’s take a walk around the NFL Mock Draft community and see what people are up to. It’s like going to the dog park without a dog. Which, no, I don’t know anything about that, why do you ask.

Vinny Iyer, Sporting News - WR Corey Davis, Western Michigan

Philadelphia took Carson Wentz in last year's first-round — now the Sam Bradford trade can help it get his true No. 1 receiver in 2017. Davis has good size (6-2, 205 pounds) and speed, but what stands out is his precise route-running, which is critical for Doug Pederson's offense.”

Iyer indirectly hits on an overlooked ironic angle to the Eagles using “their” 1st on a WR (or anyone else on offense): Sam Bradford complained about the Wentz trade because the Eagles had used up draft assets to help him, and now they’re using a draft asset to to help their QB... that was acquired for Bradford. We’ve come full circle.

At this point Corey Davis is feeling too good to be true. We need a few weeks of mocks where he keeps going off the board before the Eagles pick to lower expectations.

Lance Zeirlein, - RB Dalvin Cook, Florida State

One of the best ways to take pressure off of a young quarterback is to find a strong running back who can shoulder the load. Cook is that guy.

Speaking of irony.... “shoulder the load” is that irony? Sarcasm? Or just a really poor choice of words? Dalvin Cook has had multiple shoulder injuries, his medical evaluation at the Combine could kill his draft stock if it doesn’t look good.

If he can stay healthy, he could be the all-purpose back that the Eagles love and help out the offense in every way. Cook isn’t quite the special talent that Ezekiel Elliott is but you wonder if the Eagles saw the Cowboys turnaround with him while lacking consistency from their own RBs and think “we’ve got the young QB, that could be us.”

Will Brinson, CBS - OT Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin

This goes against the grain for Philly based on what the Eagles need, but if Jason Peters is released (a reasonable possibility if he won’t rework his deal) they have to develop more depth behind Lane Johnson , who could be at risk for further missed games.

This mock was posted on Thursday morning and right away it was outdated: Jason Peters isn’t going anywhere in 2017. Love those February mocks.

That said, grabbing a tackle in the draft wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, because Jason Peters could very well be gone in 2018, and after years of neglecting the offensive line in the draft, the Eagles need to restock the cupboard. But this draft lacks the kind of top of the draft talent we’re used to seeing, while more pressing needs will have top players available early. A later round pick makes more sense.

Some dude named Brozer, Draftek - Ryan Ramczyk

If Philly pulled the trigger on OT Ryan Ramczyk on April 27, it surely would inspire all those Ricky Williams-loving Eagles fans that booed a young Donovan McNabb on national TV to break from their daily routine (living in disappointed parents' basements; single-handedly keeping the Ramen noodle and Cheetos industries thriving) to boo and complain.

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