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Big loss for the Eagles

The Eagles’ PR director is moving on.

Philadelphia Eagles v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Brian Cleary/Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles director of public relations Derek Boyko has been hired by the Bills to be Buffalo’s new vice president of communications, according to an official announcement.

This is a big loss for the Eagles. Derek had been with the organization for 17 years. He did a great job as the team’s head PR guy. Speaking from personal experience, he was very approachable and willing to help with anything I ever needed. I truly appreciate him allowing Bleeding Green Nation to have credentialed access (with multiple writers) to Eagles practices and games every year. BGN wouldn’t fully be what it is today without his assistance.

Not only is Derek a true professional, but he’s also just a great guy. Shortly after I was terminated at Philadelphia magazine earlier this year, Derek reached out with a thoughtful, encouraging message. He didn’t need to do that, but that’s the kind of guy Derek is.

As you can see, other Eagles reporters will miss Derek as well.

While this might be bad news for the Eagles, this is very good news for Derek, who is a Buffalo native. Here’s wishing him the best of luck in his new job with the Bills.

Replacing Derek won’t be easy. Let’s hope the Eagles make a good hire. Hopefully the organization will continue to allow BGN to have the access to the team we’ve had in the past.

UPDATE: Some tweets from Derek.

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