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Carson Wentz threw a football for the first time in a month on Thursday

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Wentz might’ve killed an intern.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Wentz traveled down to Houston the other day to go watch the Super Bowl in person. Apparently two great quarterbacks competing on the biggest stage in the sport he loves is a big pull for Wentz. Who would’ve guessed? (Me.)

While down there, he made an appearance Thursday morning on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football morning show, where he threw footballs at blown-up cardboard cut-outs of reporter Peter Schrager’s head. It was pretty funny.

(Unfortunately, Snappy TV doesn’t support embeds on Vox’s channels yet, but you can go watch the video right here.)

Afterwards, some Eagles reporters had a chance to catch up with Wentz, who said those four passes he threw this morning marked the first time he’s thrown a football since the Eagles’ season-ending win over the Cowboys on New Year’s Day. Here’s a little Tweetcap of the no-longer-a-rookie’s comments: