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Eagles News: Philadelphia’s defense poised to take big leap forward

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/19/17.

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Five NFL Units That Could Make the Leap in 2017 - Ringer
Of all the groups on this list, Philadelphia’s defense has the smallest jump to make to become the league’s top unit next season. The Eagles allowed 20.7 points per game during the 2016 campaign (12th best in the NFL), and that undersells how well they performed according to other metrics. Coordinator Jim Schwartz’s group finished fourth in defensive DVOA, behind only the Broncos, Giants, and Cardinals. That disparity between traditional and advanced stats happened in part because Philadelphia faced a tougher slate of offenses than any other team in football: With four combined games against Washington and Dallas in addition to matchups with Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Green Bay, the Eagles played nearly half of their games against teams ranked in the top 10 of offensive DVOA.

Which WR should the Eagles target in free agency? - BGN
In case you missed the latest episode of BGN Radio.

Hall of Fame voter offers idiotic (and combative) defense of Terrell Owens snub - PhillyVoice
Drops? Seriously? That's it? Owens was one of the most targeted receivers in NFL history. He's second all time in receiving yards, eighth all time in receptions, and third all time in receiving touchdowns. Of course he had drops.

Ford: Eagles' Carson Wentz begins his year of truth - Inquirer
The Eagles are building around Wentz. That is the plan, and there is no turning back. It makes the most sense to build around him directly, and right away, because things that are forgivable and understandable during a rookie season quickly become defined as faults after that. They won't come out and say it. They shouldn't come out and say it. But the Eagles' front office and football staff aren't sure which way this will go yet. By the end of Wentz's second season in the league, they will have a much better idea. So, give the kid every advantage.

Could LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson reunite with Eagles? - ESPN
Certainly, there would be a level of intrigue on both sides. When Jackson spoke with the Philly media in October leading up to the Eagles-Washington Redskins game, he said that he and McCoy had just been reminiscing about the good old days. "[McCoy] sent me a message this morning and said, 'Man, we were awesome together.' I was like, 'Yeah, man, I miss playing with you,'" Jackson said. "He actually sent me a picture this morning from when he scored a touchdown when we were both in Philadelphia and it was like, 'Man, we miss them days.' But you've got to live on, move on. It's unfortunate that things broke up the way they did, but I think everybody is still happy and still doing what they need to do."

Crazy Month Ahead for the Eagles - Philly Football Talk
Gregg Rosenthal is about as plugged in as anyone you’re going to find covering the NFL and while he’s not officially reporting anything, you can tell that in his conversations involved with people around the league (agents, front office types, coaches, etc), everyone is expecting the Eagles to be very active in trying to re-shape their roster. Who the Eagles will target is one conversation, but targeting players and actually signing them are two different things. The big story might end being who the Eagles cut ties with in an attempt to really expedite the rebuilding process. Regardless, people plugged in around the league expect a lot of activity from Howie Roseman. I’m expecting a major move or two.

Eagles should keep Jason Peters, Jason Kelce and offensive line together in 2017 -
The argument can be made that neither Peters or Kelce deserve that much money next season. It is an argument Roseman will likely make with the agents of both players. The offensive line, however, is not a place for the Eagles to pinch pennies. While having Wentz throw to 30-year old receivers for two seasons doesn't make sense, making sure he is healthy and standing upright does. The Eagles might think they have replacements for Peters and Kelce, but getting rid of either player to find out is a massive risk.

Philadelphia Eagles 2016 Year In Review -
Take a look at the Philadelphia Eagles 2016 season highlights.

Gary Myers explains the Terrell Owens snub - PFT
I think I know what a Hall of Famer looks like. T.O. will be in the Hall of Fame. Just because he didn’t get into the HOF the first or second year doesn’t mean the process needs to be overhauled. Michael Irvin didn’t get in the HOF until his third year and I could easily make a case he was a better player than T.O. For sure, if I had a choice of having one of them on my team, I would take Irvin. Not even close in my mind.

Washington may have already blown its chance to keep Kirk Cousins around long-term - SB Nation
Leverage is all in Kirk Cousins’ hands and it looks like he might be fed up with the team that drafted him.


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