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NFL Trade Rumors: Eagles might be able to get something for Connor Barwin

Will the Eagles receive another draft pick?

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles might not have to cut Connor Barwin this offseason. The veteran defender actually has value on the trade market, according to a report from Mark Eckel lists the Packers, Colts, and Ravens as three teams who could have interest in Barwin.

[...] there will be a handful of suitors according to multiple sources with knowledge of Barwin and the Eagles' situation. The sources requested anonymity, because they were not authorized to speak on the subject.

"If they cut him, teams will be lining up for him,'' a pro personnel man with another NFC team said. "He wouldn't be out of a job for long. I would think they could trade him and get something back. He has value. His deal this year isn't that bad.''

For the Eagles, it’s a no-brainer to move on from Barwin. As evidenced during the 2016 season, the 30-year-old just isn’t a great fit for Jim Schwartz’s 4-3 defense. Not to mention the fact Philadelphia can save $7.75 million (compared to $600K in dead money) by cutting or trading him.

Make no mistake: Barwin is a great locker room guy and he does tremendous work in the community. But his lacking on-field production calls for the Eagles to move on. Getting any kind of asset (draft pick?) back for him in return instead of having to cut him would be a good move for the Eagles. If Barwin ends up with a 3-4 team, a trade could also be the best thing for the player. It’s a (Bar)win-(Bar)win situation.

The fact that Barwin hasn’t been cut yet could signal he indeed has value. Trades can’t be made until NFL free agency begins on March 9.

Barwin likely won’t net a huge haul; he turns 31 this season and it’s apparent the Eagles want to move on from him. NFL teams could always just wait for Philadelphia to cut him. But maybe there’s a team out there that wouldn’t mind parting with a late round pick just to make sure they get him. All it takes is one.

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