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Another reminder of the Chip Kelly era is gone from the Eagles


Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles director of personnel operations Joe Pannunzio is headed back to Alabama, according to a report from He’s expected to be announced as the Crimson Tide’s new tight ends and special teams coach.

Pannunzio originally joined the Eagles’ front office in 2015. Before coming to Philadelphia, Pannunzio had served as Alabama’s director of football operations for four years. He also coached tight ends and special teams at Florida from 2006-2010 after a five-year stint as Murray State’s head coach.

The Eagles’ hire of Pannunzio came one month after Chip Kelly won a power struggle for control over Philadelphia’s player personnel department. Kelly’s de facto general manager at the time, Ed Marynowitz, also had ties with Alabama so that explained the Pannunzio connection. Now both Marynowitz and Pannunzio are back in Tuscaloosa.

Pannunzio’s departure hardly seems like a major deal for the Eagles but it does mean they have one less SEC contact in the front office. It also means another remnant of the Chip era is gone.

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