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Eagles Mailbag: Philadelphia needs to sign multiple free agent wide receivers

The Eagles need to make big changes to their receiving corps.

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

Welcome to the latest edition of the Bleeding Green Nation mailbag. Each week I'll be taking some of your Eagles questions and answering them in this post. As always, thanks to everyone who sent in a question. We already answered some of your questions during the BGN Facebook Live session that John Barchard and I hosted yesterday. (Shameless plug: please like on our Facebook page.) Watch the Q&A below:

Eagles Q&A with the BGN Radio crew! Give us your Eagles questions and we'll answer.

Posted by Bleeding Green Nation: For Philadelphia Eagles Fans on 12hb Februari 2017

And now it's time for some of the ones we didn't already address. Let's get started.

@wchernow asks: Better to make a splash with Alshon Jeffery, or get two wide receivers?

Good question. The Eagles really do need an impact receiver. But they also need more than just one guy at the position. This Eagles receiving corps needs a complete makeover. Jordan Matthews, who will be a free agent after this upcoming season, is likely the only player locked into a 2017 starting role.

I’m of the belief the Eagles need to — and likely will — sign multiple wide receivers in free agency. I think they’re looking for both a top-tier free agent (Jeffery, Kenny Stills, , DeSean Jackson, Kenny Britt) and a medium-to-lower tier player (Brian Quick, Andre Holmes, Terrance Williams).

The problem with the Eagles putting all their eggs in one basket is that one wide receiver could get hurt. And if that happens, the Eagles are stuck with their 2016 receiving corps all over again (plus maybe a rookie), which would be a disaster.

The Eagles need immediate help at the receiver position. Signing at least two pass catchers in free agency would be the smart way to go.

@RulesPhilly asks: Should the Eagles pursue Alshon Jeffery or pass because of the suspension/injury history?

Signing Jeffery would represent a significant risk. It wouldn’t be a sure-fire, slam dunk signing for the Eagles by any means. But teams aren’t always going to be able to build contenders without taking some shots. And the Eagles need so much help at receiver that Jeffery might be worth the gamble.

I don’t think Jeffery’s red flags should rule him out for the Eagles entirely, but they shouldn’t just hand him a blank check.

@Joe_Post3 asks: Any free agents that the Eagles could have interest in that would surprise people?

How about a FULLBACK? The Eagles didn’t have a traditional fullback in 2016. They were interested in having one, though, because they tried to make converted tight end Chris Pantale fit there. It didn’t work out.

This offseason, two notable free agent fullbacks are on the market: Patrick DiMarco and Kyle Juszczyk. Both players are considered to be some of the best fullbacks in the league. Juszczyk holds an obvious connection to Joe Douglas due to their time together with the Ravens. Baltimore typically isn’t afraid to let their free agents walk because they value compensatory picks. So there’s a chance Juice breaks free and the Eagles sign the 2016 Pro Bowler.

@deford_david asks: Most important question with relevance to a championship, who's our fullback?

See above.

@MattDeebs asks: How would you politely ask Jason Peters for money back?

The thought alone is terrifying. Personally, I’d try to get someone else to do it.

In the Eagles’ case, I don’t think they actually expect Peters to take a pay cut. The feeling here is that the discussion goes something like this ...

Eagles: Hey JP, do you want to take a pay cut?

Peters: Hell no.

Eagles: OK, thought so. What can we do to make something work then? How about a restructure?

And then the two sides go from there. If an agreement can’t be reached, the Eagles don’t need to touch his deal. He’s currently set to be the 11th highest paid offensive tackle in 2017, which is more than fair.

@rob_aden: What's the biggest need on this roster no one talking about? I say defensive end.

Fullback. Just kidding.

I think defensive end is a good pick, Rob. It’s very likely Connor Barwin is going to be gone and it remains to be seen if the Eagles trust Vinny Curry as a full-time starter. Despite receiving a big contract extension last offseason, Curry only played 42.5% of Philadelphia’s defensive snaps.

But my answer is defensive tackle ... assuming the Eagles don’t bring Bennie Logan back. I think the Eagles should keep Logan, but I don’t think it’s a lock that they will. If they don’t keep him, defensive tackle automatically becomes a huge need. Beau Allen is a nice role player but I’m not convinced he’ll be a good long-term starter.

@pinchmysquid asks: Can you see Mychal Kendricks getting traded this offseason? Is there anyone currently on the roster that might?

This question was asked before the Kendricks trade rumors emerged yesterday, so allow me to reap the benefit of hindsight and say: “Yes, he will.”

But even without that report I always thought Kendricks getting traded was likely. It’s painfully obvious the new coaching staff isn’t high on him since he barely played last season. Not to mention trading him saves the Eagles some cap space.

Other players that the Eagles could trade include Barwin, Ryan Mathews (depending on his health status), and Jason Kelce.

It’s interesting to note the Eagles could save $6 million by trading Chase Daniel. “But who would trade for Chase Daniel?!” you ask. Fair question, but reports indicated multiple teams were interested in him last offseason. And who knows, teams can get really desperate at the QB position (see: the Vikings trading a first round selection for Sam Bradford).

@BenB_15 asks: Is it a good idea to take a first year QBs input on signing/drafting players? Even if he could be the franchise?

I doubt the Eagles are giving Carson Wentz serious influence on personnel matters. I don’t think it hurts to give him a voice and let his opinion be heard, but the decision makers (Douglas, Roseman) will likely go with what they want anyway. So I think Wentz’s influence won’t be huge.

Where I think Wentz could make a difference is if he really pounds the table for a guy, then maybe the personnel department will go “Oh, let’s take a closer look there to see if there’s anything we missed there.”

@DonCorleone35 asks: How much cap space will the Eagles need for their draft picks?

About $6.8 million, according to a rough estimate from Over The Cap. Teams rarely, if ever, struggle to work this out so don’t you worry.

@Levy_335 asks: Which Sixer would be the best wideout on the Eagles?

Those who know me well know I can’t stand Jahlil Okafor. But he does have really big hands, so maybe he can actually catch a football.

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