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One Eagles player totally made a surprise appearance at the Grammys

Yep, this guy definitely plays for the Eagles.

If you watched the 2017 Grammy Awards on Sunday evening, you may have noticed a Philadelphia Eagles player was on stage during Chance The Rapper’s acceptance speech! Look, that’s Eagles defensive tackle Beau Allen right behind Chance!

OK, so that’s not really Beau. It’s actually Chance’s manager: a guy by the name of Pat Corcoran.

But the resemblance is so uncanny, right? Just look at these guys side-by-side.

Honey Beau Beau himself don’t seem to mind the comparison.

Update: Chance’s manager also thinks the comparison is pretty funny.

(Related post: Beau Allen recently starred in an Eastbay commercial where he just hits a tire over and over with a sledgehammer.)

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