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2017 NFL mock draft round up: Eagles fans decide the picks

Keeping it in house

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Let’s take another spin around the 2017 NFL mock drafts, but we’ll stay inside this weekend and look at some that you, the loyal readers have done. It’s crappy out so you don’t want to go outside anyway.

These are all seven round mocks, but I’m going to change up the approach to them for this, and just highlight my favorite pick in each of them. Remember this are just for fun, so let’s have some on this Sunday funday.

rstocker87's 3rd mock offseason

Alternate Round 7 or UDFA - De'Angelo Henderson, RB, Coastal Carolina, rSR, 5'7" 208 lbs - The first thing that stands out about Henderson is his body type. Henderson is only 1 inch taller than Darren Sproles, but has almost 20 lbs on him. He's a bowling ball and plays like one. The next thing that stands out are his stats at small school Coastal Carolina. Henderson rushed for a TD in each of his final 35 games of his career (D1 record), and holds the school records for just about every RB statistic. Similar to how Brian Westbrook played, Henderson hides behind his linemen before finding a hole and flying through it. The kid's got a wicked jump cut, a solid spin move, as well as great vision for cutback lanes. On top of all this, he's a plus receiver and can help in the return game. So what is putting this kid so late? He's had a ton of carries during his career and dealt with a shoulder injury this past season. He's not known for running over defenders when he gets physical so scouts aren't sure what his shelf life will be in the NFL. All in all, he's an intriguing prospect for late in the draft, and may be able to carve out a Danny Woodhead or Darren Sproles type of role on a team.

I like this pick because it goes way off the radar. Coastal Carolina has become an FCS mini-football factory since starting a program in 2003, they’ve sent 13 players to the NFL, including former Eagles draft pick Denzel Rice, and most notably Josh Norman and Mike Tolbert. Here’s a piece of trivia for you: their head coach used to be the CEO of TD Ameritrade. Henderson is a deep dive into a draft pool full of running backs. Hopefully Dan “50 Danny Woodheads” Dierdorf (come on Dan, math) doesn’t see this. Darren Sproles is an incredibly valuable player for the Eagles, and searching for a replacement now is smart long term planning.

Mock Draft which would make us a team to fear real quick - WeaponX4405

Round 2, Sidney Jones, CB, Washington

Yes I double dipped on CB's but this immediatly gives us two young studs at CB. At this Pick I don't see any WR worth taking and I feel we can find a RB later in the draft since this draft is deep in them. Just Imagine Jones, Wilson, Jenkins, and Mcleod

It’s okay, you can double dip, it’s your own mock. Just don’t double dip in other people’s mocks, that’s rude. Taking two corners in this draft is more than warranted, I want them to grab two so you’re preaching to the choir. Jones could be there at 42 for the Eagles—I doubt it, but weirder things have happened—and he and Quincy Wilson would be a hell of a pair of prospects to come away with.

1st Mock (Fanspeak) with Analysis - averyqmorelock

Darreus Rogers

233rd Pick: I know we're supposed to hate USC receivers, but Rogers is a legit possession receiver. He doesn't have any one great attribute other than his hands, but he was better than Juju in my opinion for most of their time together. He's excellent at high pointing the ball and going up over receivers. Decent size at 6'2 paired with great ball skills he's a nightmare on the outside. I like him as a depth player behind a much improved receiving corps of Matthews, Williams, and crew. A receiver with good hands and years of starting experience in a premiere program is a good get this late. At this point he was simply BPA, the next best receiver was Ricky Seals Jones.

That’s right, you’re supposed to hate USC receivers. I think we made it one of the Terms of Service here at BGN. I’ve got my eye on you. And how are you going to pass on a name like Ricky Seals-Jones? Coincidentally Rogers and Seals-Jones have almost identical production: Rogers has 3 more catches and 1 more TD, both have the same yards per reception. Consider yourself on double secret probation.

Also, just an FYI, I have seen in a few mock offseason posts putting Dwayne Gratz under sign/walk, but he’s under contract for 2017.

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