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Jeopardy took a dumb cheap shot at Eagles fans

What’s your deal, Alex Trebek?

Credit: BGN reader “DBangums”

I guess the people who work at Jeopardy! aren’t big on Philly sports.

The popular game show took a total cheap shot at Eagles fans during an episode that aired on Friday night. One of the ‘answers’ (not the ‘questions’ - this is Jeopardy!, after all) read as follows:

“Doing this as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles will lose possession for your team & get you booed”

The correct response, of course, was ‘What is a fumble?’

But I guess I missed it when Eagles fans are the ONLY fans in the entire league to boo when a player fumbles. Because fumbling totally draws cheers in other NFL cities.

This obviously isn’t something to get super worked up about (too late for me, I guess), but come on! This is a total unnecessary cheap shot at Philly fans. It’s just more of the dumb bullshit narrative that Philly fans are the worst because they booed Santa Claus.


(Credit to BGN reader “DBangums” for the video)

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