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Super Bowl 2017: Who put on the best Super Bowl halftime show ever?

Halftime shows are weird, but we care about them a lot.

Super Bowl XXXI

Lady Gaga is the halftime performer at Super Bowl 51 this Sunday.

She’s got quite an... interesting (?) history in pop culture; for a year-plus in the mid-2000s, she was the pop star dujour, and for good reason. She rattled off a pretty impressive string of hits, and most of them were good. Bad Romance is a perfect pop song. Then she sort of slid off the radar, and released some less-well-received music, and now she’s back with a different look and sound.

I’m hoping we get at least one song of her, singing with just a piano, because that’s when she’s at the peak of her powers. Under the meat dresses and synths, she has a great singing voice.

In anticipation of this weekend’s halftime show, it got me thinking about the truly great performances we’ve witnessed at Super Bowls, and also some of the truly abysmal ones as well.

What was your favorite? Was it Paul McCartney at the Eagles’ most recent Super Bowl appearance? Was it last year’s politically-charged tour de force from Beyoncé? 1998’s homage to Motown? Maybe Prince’s epic?

For me, the best I’ve seen in my 22 years as a football viewer (if you can count Adam at nine months as a football viewer when in 1995 Disney staged an Indiana Jones-themed advertisement, and then Tony Bennett sang some songs) came in 2009, when Bruce Springsteen slid on his knees into a camera, and he yelled about guacamole, and he and the E Street Band started with Tenth Avenue Freeze Out which is just a tremendous song. I love Bruce, and have since I was young, so seeing him on a national stage like that was a truly great moment.

Let me know in the comments which show you enjoyed the most! I’m very young, and have YouTube to search instead of homework to do.

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