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Philadelphia Eagles fans are invading Los Angeles ahead of the Rams game

The takeover cometh.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles fans already took over Los Angeles when the Eagles played the Chargers earlier this season. Now they’re ready for a repeat performance ahead of this week’s Eagles-Rams game.

The large presence of Eagles fans has prompted FOX to cast actors to come to the game as Rams fans. They don’t want it to be a complete Eagles takeover.

That’s kinda sad. But not as sad as Ram Rules!

Old video, but still very cringe-worthy.

Anyway, it’ll be nice for the Eagles to have some significant support on the road in such a crucial game. Eagles fans are the best.

Q. Do you get a sense that this will be like the Charger’s game with Eagles fans traveling out here and all that?

DOUG PEDERSON: Well, you hear different things throughout the week. But I know our fans travel extremely well and there's a lot of fans out here, a lot of fans coming from Philly. Should be a great atmosphere for us, much like-- the Charger venue obviously is a little bit smaller, so it impacted the game a little bit more. But yeah, we're expecting a big Eagles crowd and they show up. It's going to be a good environment.

Q. You've been around the league for a long time, how do you think Eagles’ fans travel compared to other teams’ fans?

COACH PEDERSON: It's a large contingent. It's crazy. Most recently, I can't remember, was it -- one of the hotels we were at on the road here just a few weeks ago, was it the Dallas one? It was the largest amount of fans from a visiting team they have ever seen and it was our fans. And so, we travel extremely well. Our fans are there and support the team and it's exciting to have that kind of support each week, whether you're on the road or at home.

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