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Eagles News: Nelson Agholor is one of the most productive slot receivers in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/6/17.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

WR Nelson Agholor: Newfound production in the slot - PFF
He was perilously close to being written off as a total bust over that time, gaining less than 0.7 yards per route run. That’s a figure that would rank 87th this season and only two players would be less productive on a per snap basis. Top receivers can gain as many as three yards per route run, so for Agholor to be more than four times less productive was an amazing exercise in futility as a receiver. This season, Agholor spends almost all of his time in the slot (86.5 percent of snaps), and his production has shot through the roof. Only Larry Fitzgerald has more yards gained from inside this season than Agholor’s 582, and his overall yards per route run figure is more than twice as high as it had been heading into the season.

Todd Gurley took a little shot at the Eagles - BGN
Late last week, Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley was asked about why his team hasn’t joined in on the team touchdown celebration craze sweeping across the league. Gurley gave interesting answer as to why the Rams haven’t been taking advantage of the NFL’s relaxed celebration rules. Via Joe Curley of the Ventura County Star.

Afternoon QB: This is Not a Time to Panic -
BLG breaks down the Eagles-Seahawks loss, tells you why it's not time to panic, and asserts that the Eagles are primed to bounce back this week against the Rams. Plus three over/unders from Stephen Lee as always!

Eagles third quarter report cards: Offense edition - PhillyVoice
Carson Wentz was outstanding in three blowouts of the Broncos, Cowboys, and Bears, but the game that will remain etched in everyone's brains at the moment was the Eagles' loss to the Seahawks. Wentz made some highlight reel plays, as he always does, but two missed throws to Nelson Agholor and a lost fumble at the goal line have tainted his third quarter of the season to some degree. Wentz is clearly a great player, and in time he'll be more consistently great. As Sunday night showed, there is still progress to be made, and he'll make it.

Context Matters - Iggles Blitz
The funny thing about all this schedule talk is how different it was back in August. If you watched Eagles broadcasts of the preseason games, Mike Mayock would go over the upcoming schedule. He and Scott Graham were struggling to come up with more than a handful of winnable games. I was hoping for 9-7 and those guys made it sound like the Eagles would need luck to get 7 wins. They weren’t down on the Eagles so much as they were up on everyone else. The only sure wins felt like the Chargers, Niners, Bears and Rams. Let’s hope they were right about that last team.

'We're A Really Good 10-2 Team' -
COSTA MESA, Calif. – Creatures of habit, Eagles players are not in any kind of familiar environment living in California through Sunday, but they are trying to keep the day-to-day operation the same as every other week. It’s a challenge, defensive end Brandon Graham admits. That’s why he brought his wife and daughter out to California just to keep things as normal as possible ...

Coach of the Year: Eagles' Doug Pederson or Rams' Sean McVay? - ESPN
Doug Pederson cut his teeth as an NFL quarterback, backing up Brett Favre and starting ahead of Donovan McNabb during a career that spanned 10 seasons. Sean McVay learned the inner workings of the NFL from his grandfather, the celebrated San Francisco 49ers executive who teamed with Bill Walsh to build a Super Bowl powerhouse. Pederson, 49, spent three years as an offensive coordinator on Andy Reid's Kansas City Chiefs before joining a Philadelphia Eagles team that was only a year removed from back-to-back 10-win seasons. McVay, 31, spent three years as an offensive coordinator on Jay Gruden's Washington Redskins before joining a Los Angeles Rams franchise coming off 10 consecutive losing seasons. They now share two notable circumstances: A chance to be named the NFL's Coach of the Year, and a highly anticipated Week 14 showdown.

Week 13 DVOA Ratings - Football Outsiders
How often do we play a DVOA Bowl during the regular season? Well, I went back to look and it turns out that it's more common than you might think. It seemed special when it happened the last two years because it didn't happen a single time from 2010 through 2014, and it only happened very early in the season in 2009. However, throughout the '90s and '00s, a DVOA Bowl took place roughly twice every three seasons. But this year's DVOA Bowl is an extra special DVOA Bowl. We've seen No. 2 play No. 1 before. We've never seen No. 1 play No. 1. That's essentially how the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles stand in DVOA right now. The Rams are at 32.449%, and the Eagles are at 32.392%. To show you how close that is, five extra yards on Carson Wentz's final 20-yard completion on Sunday night would be enough to make up the difference and put the two teams in a dead heat.

All-22: Carson Wentz, Eagles left too many plays on the field vs. Seahawks - The Athletic
Doug Pederson suggested that the underthrow was related to Wentz's previous miss when he sailed one over Agholor's head. “It's the hardest thing to do because it goes back to your question — when you overshoot the first one, the next time he's wide open, you almost guide the ball,” Pederson said. “You almost just want to put it on him. It just so happened that we were able to complete that pass.” The off-target throws to Agholor were part of an inconsistent night for Wentz. He was asked after the game if he was happy to be going to southern California instead of Philadelphia. “Yeah,” he said. “That would be a long flight home.”

Doug Pederson at his best when facing challenges — on and off field - NBC Sports Philadelphia
Whatever chaos was swirling around the Eagles last year, you never saw things snowball. You never saw things get out of control. Pederson continually demonstrated a knack for dealing with whatever issues arose around the football team, and by the end of the season, they were playing pretty good football. That's a unique skill and just as important for a head football coach as calling plays, making substitutions or challenging bad calls. All those little mini-dramas can take a toll on a football team, but it seemed like with each one, the bond in the Eagles' locker room grew stronger, as did the respect the players have for Pederson. All of which is why I'm not all too worried right now.

Carson Wentz's toughness, the defense's penalties, and ice cream - Inquirer
With the Eagles in Southern California, Brandon Graham flew his family out to spend time with him this week. They went to the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles when the team was off on Monday. “They give you ice cream in every room,” Graham said. “It was a pretty cool museum.” Graham enjoyed the gummy bears.

Philadelphia Eagles find a challenge -- and a surprise -- in studying Rams' Todd Gurley - PennLive
"He can run downhill, but he also has some Le'Veon Bell in him when it comes to picking his way through," Schwartz said, invoking the Steelers' famously patient running back and two-time Pro Bowler. And, like Bell, Gurley's impact on the offense doesn't dissolve on passing plays. It's quite the opposite. Schwartz said he didn't anticipate marveling at Gurley's route running or pass catching abilities while preparing for Sunday's game at the Rams, but those traits stuck out on game footage.

Rams alter practice plans due to fire in Ventura County - PFT
A fire in Ventura County, California has led to a change in the Rams’ practice schedule this week. Rich Hammond of the Orange County Register reports that concerns about poor air quality resulting from the fire have led the Rams to call off their usual 90-minute practice for Wednesday afternoon. They will hold a lighter walkthrough practice instead of the regular session.

While on the West Coast, Eagles Determined to Avoid Distraction Ahead of Showdown With Rams - Sports Illustrated
After the Eagles' loss to the Seahawks on Sunday night—the beginning of a planned week on the West Coast for Philadelphia—a change of messaging is in store for the players ahead of arguably their biggest game of the season.

NFL Panic Index 2017, Week 14: The playoffs are finally going to look different, maybe - SB Nation
Being 10-2 is nothing to be ashamed of for the Eagles. Even with last Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks, they have a lock on the NFC East title and are still tied for the top of the NFC standings, and the kind of schedule that gives them a leg up for home-field advantage come January. But that schedule is also a concern. Of those 10 wins, only one came against a team currently holding down a playoff spot, the Panthers. The beat the Chargers too back in Week 4, before the Bolts went on their current surge. Both of Philadelphia’s losses came against likely playoff teams. While the Chiefs have slumped since then, getting beat by a banged up Seahawks team should be more than slightly concerning. This week, they play the Rams in Los Angeles. A loss there would raise legitimate doubts about whether they belong among the NFC’s best.


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