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Eagles-Seahawks Final Score: Observations from Philadelphia’s frustrating loss to Seattle, 24 to 10

The streak is over.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles were defeated by the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at CenturyLink Field by a final score of 24 to 10. The Eagles dropped to 10-2 on the 2017 NFL regular season. Read on for a recap and observations from the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a road game against the Rams. Watch the BGN Radio postgame show LIVE in the video below (click here if you can’t see it).

BGN Radio Postgame: #Eagles vs #Seahawks Reaction

Posted by Bleeding Green Nation: For Philadelphia Eagles Fans on Sunday, December 3, 2017


Eagles win the coin toss and elect to defer. Seattle’s offense up first.

Russell Wilson keeps for a 7-yard run to open the game. Jalen Mills whiffs big time while trying to tackle Tyler Lockett after a short catch. Not pretty. Wilson goes to Doug Baldwin on 3rd-and-7 to move the chains. Dannell Ellerbe and Najee Goode splitting time at middle linebacker in Philly’s base defense. More quick passing from the Seahawks, and another first down. Derek Barnett shoves Duane Brown right back into Wilson’s face to force an incompletion. Seattle runs a draw on third down and Mychal Kendricks makes the stop to force a 46-yard field goal attempt. Bend but don’t break. Kick from Blair Walsh is good. Seahawks lead, 3-0.

Kenjon Barner breaks off a good return on the kickoff but Goode gets called for a block in the black. Ugh. Ends up being a 30-yard penalty. Carson Wentz targets Torrey Smith for a short gain on first down. LeGarrette Blount takes a carry for one yard at most. 3rd-and-2, Wentz drops the ball, but picks it up and runs for a first down. Bradley McDougald hits Wentz on the slide for a 15-yard penalty. Cheap shot, but free yards. Blount trucks old friend Byron Maxwell. Eagles get to 4th-and-1 and ... punt? What’s up with that, Doug Pederson? Wentz has been unstoppable on sneaks. Not a fan of that call.

Brandon Graham stuffs the crap out of a Mike Davis on a first down run. Yeesh. Feels like he has a monster tackle for loss at least once a week. Seahawks run again to set up 3rd-and-7. Graham easily beats Luke Joeckel at left guard and sacks Wilson to force a punt. Beast! What a series for BG.

Wentz overthrows a WIDE OPEN Nelson Agholor on first down. Wtf? Would have went for a nice gain. Can’t miss that one. Wentz has a tendency to sail passes at times and it showed up there. Wentz gets sacked on third down as the Seahawks force a three-and-out. Halapoulivaati Vaitai struggling to block Frank Clark. Frustrating.

Seattle moves the ball on a few chunk plays through the air. Wilson bought time to spark a big catch-and-run opportunity for Davis. Ronald Darby gets called for pass interference. Tacky call. Then Nigel Bradham gets called for defensive holding. Wilson hits Jimmy Graham for a red-zone touchdown. Malcolm Jenkins beat in coverage. Seahawks lead, 10-0.

Eagles get flagged on special teams again. They end the first quarter with four penalties for 44 penalty yards to Seattle’s one penalty for 15 penalty yards. The sole flag on the Seahawks was an obvious call (late hit on Wentz). Carolina game all over again.


Wentz jukes a Seahawks defender on 3rd-and-1 to pick up a first. Then he picks up another first with his legs. Jay Ajayi runs for a first. He’s looking good. Toss to Corey Clement and the rookie picks up a first. Eagles in field goal range. Wentz throw to Zach Ertz is low, hits the field, incomplete. Clark gets called for being offside on 3rd-and-7, but not before drilling Wentz from behind. Refs didn’t blow the whistle to protect Wentz. Cool. Blount converts 3rd-and-2. In the red zone now. A Blount run to the 2-yard line gets wiped out by a blocking penalty on Alshon Jeffery. Feels like Alshon’s had like a billion of those this year. In reality, that was his seventh penalty of the season. Stop that, man. Maxwell makes a good tackle (fitting!) on third down to force the Eagles to a field goal in the red zone. Boo. Jake Elliott makes the chip shot. Seahawks lead, 10-3.

Tim Jernigan gets banged up on the Seahawks’ next drive, but appears to be OK. Philly forces Seattle to punt after containing a Wilson scramble on 3rd-and-12. Good job, defense. Barner gets hit after calling fair catch on a punt. Seemed like pretty obvious fair catch interference, but no call. How surprising!

Great block from Jason Kelce springs Ajayi to 3rd-and-inches at the 2:00 minute warning. Wentz sneaks for a first. Still perfect: 11/11. Toss play to Clement on 3rd-and-2 goes for no gain. Lane Johnson just fell down. Not great. The Eagles let the clock run down to 18 seconds ... and then instead of going for it they punt. Uh, not even going to try to take a shot to get into field goal range? Unusually conservative tonight. Not going to win this game by playing scared. Seahawks kneel to end the first half.

By the way, zero targets for Jeffery in the first half. Only one for Ertz.


Eagles get the ball to start the second half. Wentz immediately goes to Ertz for a first down. Then again. Wentz spins out and throws on the run to Jeffery. There he is. Another first down. Tempo. Wentz connects with Smith on third down. It’s clearly a first down. The refs spot it short, because of course. Pederson challenges it. Don’t love the decision to challenge because the Eagles could’ve just went with the sneak. Sure enough, the Eagles lose the challenge. Lol. IT WAS CLEARLY OVER THE LINE.

Garbage officiating crew. Eagles go for the sneak and get it anyway. Wentz is 12/12. Wentz throws to Jeffery to set up 1st-and-goal. What a strike, what a catch. Wentz scrambles forward, fumbles at the 1-yard line, the ball goes out of bounds for a touchback. Seahawks’ ball. Devastating turnover. Just not the Eagles’ night, man.

Seahawks move the ball with help from the refs. Meanwhile ... Beau Allen getting mugged, no call. Wilson intentional grounding, no call. Ronald Darby gets away with a facemask and Seattle fans start to boo loudly. Such a shame. You really have to feel bad for the Seahawks. Just not getting any help from the refs tonight. (Sarcasm!) Eagles blitz Wilson and the quarterback airs it our deep to a wide open Baldwin. Rodney McLeod couldn’t cover him one-on-one. Jim Schwartz’s call sure didn’t work out. Easy touchdown. Wait, nope, Baldwin’s foot was out at the 1-yard line. Eagles force the Seahawks to 3rd-and-goal, but Wilson hits Lockett for a touchdown anyway. Seahawks lead, 17-3.

Wentz hits an open Agholor for a big gain. It could’ve been even bigger if the pass wasn’t underthrown. Wentz throws to Jeffery, who gets tackled at the knee by Maxwell. Has to come off the field. Wentz’s throw to Ertz on third down is dropped as a Seahawks defender mugs him. Ertz hurt, too. Eagles go for it on 4th-and-3. Wentz gets pressured on a corner blitz and forces a throw to Barner, who stumbles and can’t track the ball. Would’ve been an easy first. Instead, turnover on downs. Play-call wasn’t bad, neither was the decision to go for it. But why is the fourth-string running back out there for that play?

Eagles defense gives up a big run, but then they eventually force Wilson into intentional grounding (FINALLY) on third down. Great job by Barnett to force pressure and get a big hit on the quarterback.

Wentz sacked by Justin Coleman on a corner blitz to end the third quarter.


Wentz gets pressured, starts to get tackled to the ground from behind ... and somehow chucks a ball deep to an open Agholor for a big gain. Holy crap. How does he do that?! Unreal. After a few unsuccessful run plays, Wentz eludes pressure and airs it out deep to Agholor again. It’s a touchdown! Agholor burned his former teammate, Maxwell, on the play. Eagles back in this! What a clutch drive by Wentz. Seahawks lead, 17-10.

Injury update: Ertz ruled out for the rest of the game after being evaluated for a concussion. Not ideal.

Wilson laterals after taking off on a third down scramble and the Seahawks pick up a big gain. The only problem is ... it was CLEARLY a forward pass. No flag from the refs. Pederson doesn’t challenge it. Ugh. Seattle marches down the field and scores a touchdown. Kendricks gets beat by J.D. McKissic, which isn’t even a real name. What a bullshit game, man. Seahawks lead, 24-10.

Eagles get to Seattle’s 40-yard line. 4th-and-6. Wentz’s throw is high. Cool, cool.

Eagles sack Wilson on third down to force a punt.

Wentz gets picked off on a desperation heave to the end zone. Maxwell is the one to intercept it. Fitting end to this kind of game.


Eagles lose. The win streak is over. The Eagles are 10-2 heading into Week 14. The season is far from over, but this game really sucked. Very frustrating.


Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Seahawks postgame coverage (click here).

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