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NFL coaching rumors: Jim Schwartz connected to New York Giants

Could the Eagles lose their DC to NYG?

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is expected to draw interest from NFL teams with head coaching vacancies this offseason. It appears Schwartz has already been linked to one team with an opening: the New York Giants.

Get ready for some interesting stuff here from Pro Football Talk.

Many believe that the search for a new G.M. began with the end in mind, and that [Dave] Gettleman was the choice all along. If that’s the case, it’s fair to wonder whether consultant (and former Giants G.M.) Ernie Accorsi knew who he hoped to pair with Gettleman from the get-go.

The name that keeps coming up in this regard is Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Although Schwatz and Gettleman have never worked together, the Accorsi connection would be the thing that puts them on the same page. Beyond Schwartz and Accorsi having a common tie to Maryland, it’s believed that Accorsi leans heavily on advice from Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It’s also believed that Belichick has advised Accorsi to recommend that Gettleman hire Schwartz.

Some regard Belichick’s recommendation of Schwartz as an effort to keep offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and V.P. of player personnel Nick Caserio in place for another year. The Gettleman hire necessarily keeps Caserio in New England, which in turns makes McDaniels far less likely to leave for the Giants. By selling Schwartz to Accorsi, Belichick set up a one-two combination that didn’t entail McDaniels or Caserio (or both) from leaving for what would have been, for them, a very attractive job.

First of all: eff off, Belichick.

Second, I do think Schwartz could fit what the G-Men are looking for. Giants owner John Mara said his team is looking for a candidate with “head coaching experience or extensive time spent as a coordinator.” Schwartz meets those qualifications. If the Giants are truly committed to Eli Manning, as Gettleman suggested, New York might not be so worried about hiring an offensive head coach to immediately groom a new quarterback.

Schwartz also fits from the perspective that the Giants have been a complete mess this season both on and off the field. They could be looking for a hard ass-type who will install discipline where it’s sorely needed. Again, Schwartz’s personality fits that mold.

Oh, and I’m sure the Giants wouldn’t mind stealing a key coordinator from a division rival.

But I don’t think Schwartz is necessarily the hot commodity some have made him out to be. There’s no doubt Schwartz has done a nice job with the Eagles’ defense. But this is a guy who was 29-51 in his previous stint as a head coach. It’s possible he might just be a better coordinator than a head coach.

I also don’t think Schwartz fits the modern head coach archetype. With young offensive head coaches having various levels of success in the NFL (Sean McVay, Kyle Shanahan), those kind of assistants could be what most teams desire this offseason.

One funny thing about the Giants’ rumored interest in Schwartz is that his defense performed horribly against New York twice this season. Statistically, those were the Eagles’ worst defensive outings in 2017! The Eagles allowed 919 yards and 53 points in those games combined. Those games shouldn’t entirely take away from Schwartz’s accomplishments with Philadelphia, butttt isn’t that kind of a tough sell to the fans? “Hey everyone, we hired the guy whose defense we shredded with our terrible offense!”

Anyway, Schwartz to the Giants is something to keep an eye on this offseason.

As for Eagles quarterback John DeFilippo, he seems like a less likely candidate for the Giants’ job. Flip has some experience working for NY when Gettleman was there, but he doesn’t fit the bill with Mara’s aforementioned experience requirements.

UPDATE: NFL insider Mike Garafolo insists there’s nothing to the “Belichick is pushing Schwartz on the Giants” thing. Garafolo didn’t say whether the Giants are interested or not in Schwartz on their own, though.

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