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All of the highlights from the Eagles’ Christmas win over the Raiders

The Eagles won, somehow!

Oakland Raiders v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

FINAL SCORE: Eagles 19, Raiders 10

Well ... it was ugly as hell, but the Eagles somehow won this game. And they advanced to 13-2 and clinched the No. 1 seed in the NFC in the process.

Merry Christmas, I guess.

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#Eagles vs #Raiders Postgame Show! Home. Field. Advantage. Merry Clinchmas!

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FOURTH QUARTER: Eagles 19, Raiders 10

Raiders 15th drive: Raiders return the ball to their own 36-yard line with 17 seconds remaining. Carr’s first down pass is incomplete. 14 seconds left. Carr’s second down pass is incomplete after getting pressured. 10 seconds left. Raiders take a timeout. Carr gets pressured and avoids a sack by throwing the ball out of bounds. 4th-and-10 with three seconds left. Raiders try to lateral the ball but they fumble and Derek Barnett runs it in for a touchdown. Lol. Eagles kneel on the PAT to end the game. Eagles lead, 19-10.

Eagles 14th drive: Philly takes over at their own 48-yard line with less than a minute to go. Three timeouts to work with. Foles throws for a 4-yard gain. Timeout. Foles throw to Agholor to move to the Raiders’ 39-yard line. 1st and 10 with 38 seconds left. Foles to Ertz to move to the 35-yard line. Foles to Ertz to move to the 31-yard line. 3rd-and-2 with 30 seconds remaining. Foles’ third down pass to Clement is dropped. Elliott comes in for the 48-yard field goal. HE MAKES IT! ICE IN HIS VEINS! Eagles lead, 13-10.

Raiders 14th drive: Darby comes up BIG with an interception. He returns it to the house, but he was clearly down.

Eagles 13th drive: Three-and-out.

Raiders 13th drive: Three-and-out.

Eagles 12th drive: Still nothing going on. Eagles have to punt.

Raiders 12th drive: Raiders march into the red zone via some big runs but Oakland FUMBLES again. What a crazy game. Malcolm Jenkins makes the big play.

Eagles 11th drive: Foles targets Ertz on a short throw and the pass is way too high/fast. The ball bounces off Ertz’s outstretched arms and right into the hands of a Raiders defender. Just an awful throw.

Raiders 11th drive: Mills drops an interception to bring up 3rd-and-8. Ronald Darby gets called for illegal contact to give the Raiders a first down. Killer. Brandon Graham limps off the field. Jalen Mills goes down and stays on the field before slowly jogging off. 3rd-and-7 from the Eagles’ 30-yard line and Philly pressures Carr into a throwaway. Giorgio Tavecchio’s 48-yard field goal attempt is ... wide right. No good.

Eagles 10th drive: Nothing going. Foles runs around on third down and takes a big sack. God, he sucks.

Exclusive video of Nick Foles during Eagles practice:

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Raiders 10th drive: Raiders get to 3rd-and-8 on the Eagles’ 48-yard line. Long picks up a strip-sack on third down to force a punt. Clutch, but Long missed an opportunity to recover the ball because he started to celebrate. WTF! Raiders recover and punt.

THIRD QUARTER: Eagles 10, Raiders 10

Eagles 9th drive: Foles has Ertz open for a touchdown (or at least 1st-and-goal) but overthrows him again. Then Foles throws behind Alshon Jeffery on third down. Foles just leaves soooo many plays on the field. Eagles have to settle for a field goal attempt. Elliott makes it this time from 35 yards out. What an ugly football game. Tie game, 10-10.

Raiders 9th drive: And then Marshawn Lynch fumbles to give the Eagles the ball right back! Haha, wow. Vinny Curry on the strip, Mychal Kendricks on the recovery.

Eagles 8th drive: Standing back in the pocket with plenty of time to throw, Foles unleashes an absolute duck down the field to Agholor. Agholor had a chance to catch it but the ball was underthrown and made tougher than it should’ve been. Next play, Ajayi fumbles after picking up a first down. Ugh. Chance Warmack actually forced it.

Raiders 8th drive: Ellerbe explodes through the middle of the line to notch a 3-yard tackle for loss. Pederson declines a penalty to make it 1st-and-25 and instead keeps it at 2nd-and-13. On third down, Carr throws over the middle and he’s PICKED by Robinson! Big turnover. Needed that one.

Eagles 7th drive: Nothing going. Foles’ pass outside of the numbers on third down is thrown too wide. Punt.

Raiders 7th drive: Eagles defense forces the Raiders into a three-and-out. Nice work by the pass rush.

Eagles 6th drive: LeGarrette Blount breaks off a big run (featuring a great hurdle) but it gets called back due to another hold on Johnson. Cool. Foles throws #ShortOfTheSticks to force the Eagles into a three-and-out. Punt.

Raiders 6th drive: Raiders drive down into the red zone thanks to a big run from Jalen Richard. The Eagles’ Jalen, Mills, breaks up a pass on 3rd-and-goal to force a Raiders field goal. Raiders lead, 10-7.

Raiders get the ball to start the second half.

SECOND QUARTER: Eagles 7, Raiders 7

Raiders 5th drive: Kneel down to end the first half.

Eagles 5th drive: Foles hits Ertz for a 25-yard gain. Ertz loses control of the ball but he was clearly down. Jack Del Rio challenges for some dumb reason and loses. On 3rd-and-7, Foles rolls into a near-sack but the Raiders get flagged for defensive holding. Another break for Philly. Lane Johnson gets called for holding but the Eagles battle back to 3rd-and-3. Foles’ pass beyond the sticks is underthrown. Eagles go for it on 4th-and-3 and Foles throws a quick pass to Ertz for the first. Throws to Brent Celek and Clement get the Eagles to the 15-yard line with 26 seconds remaining. Foles throws to an open Ertz in the end zone but the pass is too high and the tight end can’t come up with the one-handed catch attempt. On 3rd-and-4, Foles scrambles and then throws the ball away. He could have thrown to Clement or at least tried to run it himself for a first to get a new set of downs. The Eagles had a timeout to work with. But nope. Jake Elliott comes in for the 33-yard field goal and ... he misses it. Of course.

Raiders 4th drive: Chris Long picks up a sack on 3rd-and-5 ... nope. He was offside. Raiders drive to midfield. Patrick Robinson knocks down a pass to set up 3rd-and-10. Carr airs it out deep and Cooper makes a jump ball deep catch with three Eagles defenders in the area. Very bad. Eagles get lucky, though, by being bailed out with an offensive holding call. A block in the back on third down sets the Raiders back to 3rd-and-28. Oakland ends up having to punt.

Eagles 4th drive: Holding on Chance Warmack sets the Eagles back at 2-and-20. Eagles get to 3rd-and-5 and then air it out deep. Foles’ pass to Agholor is too far out in front.

Raiders 3rd drive: Carr hits a WIDE OPEN Amari Cooper for a 62-yard touchdown. Cooper stumbled on the play but so did Jalen Mills, who was “covering” him but. Mills bit on the double move (sluggo), which he also did last week against the Giants. Yikes. Mills has not been so good lately. Tie game, 7-7.

Eagles 3rd drive (continued): 3rd-and-4 and Foles almost throws a pick six on an out route. Very lucky that the Raiders cornerback just dropped the ball. Philly has to punt.

FIRST QUARTER: Eagles 7, Raiders 0

Eagles 3rd drive: Nelson Agholor draws a holding penalty to give the Eagles an automatic first.

Raiders 2nd drive: Oakland goes three-and-out after Carr underthrows a receiver on third down.

Eagles 2nd drive: Jay Ajayi runs for a first down on his first carry thanks to a great block by Jason Kelce. Corey Clement runs 12 yards for another first down. Eagles in field goal range. Ajayi runs for no gain to set up 4th-and-1 at the Raiders’ 31-yard line. Doug Pederson goes for it and Clement picks up the first. Good stuff. Bad holding on Ertz forces the Eagles back to the Raiders’ 26, but Ajayi gains nine to put the Eagles right back in the red zone. Foles then throws a screen pass to Jay Train for a touchdown. Boom. First receiving touchdown of Ajayi’s career. Eagles lead, 7-0.

Raiders 1st drive: Dannell Ellerbe gets the start for the Eagles at middle linebacker in base defense with Joe Walker kept out as a healthy scratch. Raiders pick up one first down before getting into 3rd-and-4. Crowd noise from Eagles fans forces Oakland into a delay of game and then a false start to force 3rd-and-14. Raiders get to 4th-and-2 and try to go for it. Eagles take a timeout due to defensive confusion but then force Derek Carr into a throwaway. Turnover on downs. Good job, D.

Eagles 1st drive: Nick Foles airs it deep to Nelson Agholor on the first play but the pass falls incomplete. Foles throws to Torrey Smith to pick up a five-yard gain. His pass to Zach Ertz on third down is incomplete after the tight end slips during the play. Interesting decision to call three straight passing plays (as opposed to running the ball) in cold, windy weather. Three-and-out. Punt.

Coin toss: Raiders win the coin toss and elect to defer. Eagles receive first.


Carson Wentz is out here on crutches watching the team during warmups. He’ll watch the game from a booth since standing on the sideline is too risky.


IT’S TIME FOR PHILADELPHIA EAGLES FOOTBALL! The Eagles are kicking off their 15th game of the 2017 regular season schedule with a matchup against the Oakland Raiders on Monday night. The game begins at 8:30 PM Eastern.

The Eagles can clinch the No. 1 seed in the NFC and advance to 13-2 by beating the 6-8 Raiders. This is a big opportunity for the Birds.


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