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Eagles won’t be wearing green on Christmas

Denver Broncos v Philadelphia Eagle Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles won’t be wearing midnight green for their Christmas game against the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football. Instead, they’ll be going with their all-black alternate jerseys for the second time in 2017.

Philadelphia wore these uniforms earlier this season when they trounced the Denver Broncos by a final score of 51 to 23.

Kind of a weird decision to opt out of wearing green on Christmas. Especially against a team whose primary colors are already BLACK and silver.

But the Eagles only have two regular season home games left and they can only wear black for one of them. So they figured why not do it for the prime-time game that’ll potentially actually mean something.

Philadelphia can likely clinch the No. 1 seed in the NFC with a win over the Raiders on Monday night, assuming they don’t already clinch by the Vikings (unlikely) losing to the Packers this Saturday.

If/when the Eagles clinch in Week 16, the Eagles’ Week 17 home game against the Cowboys could feature Philly resting some of their starters. Not the most interesting matchup.

Anyway, here’s a summary of the Eagles’ jersey history this season.

Week 1 at Washington Redskins: All white (W)

Week 2 at Kansas City Chiefs: All white (L)

Week 3 vs. New York Giants: Midnight green top, white pants (W)

Week 4 at Los Angeles Chargers: Midnight green top, white pants (W)

Week 5 vs. Arizona Cardinals: Midnight green top, white pants (W)

Week 6 at Carolina Panthers: All white (W)

Week 7 vs. Washington Redskins: Midnight green top, white pants (W)

Week 8 vs. San Francisco 49ers: Midnight green top, white pants (W)

Week 9 vs. Denver Broncos: All black (W)

Week 10: Bye

Week 11 at Dallas Cowboys: Midnight green top, white pants (W)

Week 12 vs. Chicago Bears: Midnight green top, white pants (W)

Week 13 at Seattle Seahawks: All white (L)

Week 14 at Los Angeles Rams: Midnight green top, white pants (W)

Week 15 at New York Giants: White top, midnight green pants (W)

Week 16 vs. Oakland Raiders: All black (?)

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