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This story shows just how special Carson Wentz is

Missing you, No. 11.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Wentz is done for the season, but he’s not done having an impact on his team.

He’s still very much involved in the playbook, as new Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld revealed during a locker room session on Thursday.

Q: So he’s post-op and he’s asking about the new plays?

Sudfeld: [laughs] Yeah, that’s like the first question. He’s like ‘So what’s this new play I saw in the emails?’ I was like ‘Uh, you sure you want to know right now?’ But it was pretty funny.

Q: He’s FaceTiming like straight out of surgery?

Sudfeld: Yeah. He’s FaceTime-ing pretty quick after surgery. I mean, do you expect anything less from Carson? [smiles]

Q: Do you think he was with it when he was FaceTiming? Do you think he knew what he was doing?

Sudfeld: Yeah. I mean, yeah. He was loopy but he was good. Yeah. Yeah. It was classic Carson.

That’s both very awesome and very unsurprising.

First thing out of surgery and all Wentz wants to know about is a play for this week’s upcoming Eagles-Giants game.

He’s just a special dude. It’s gonna suck not having him out there on the field.

On the bright side, it’s nice to know the Eagles will still have his inquisitive mind around to help the team prepare for games each week.

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