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Colin Kaepernick reportedly not drawing interest from Eagles

Not gonna happen.

Philadelphia Eagles v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With Carson Wentz officially out for the season (ugh), there’s been some speculation as to whether the Philadelphia Eagles will add another quarterback to the roster. If they do, we know one player it won’t be: Colin Kaepernick.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports “the Eagles have shown no interest in Kaepernick, and they’re not currently expected to do so.”

NFL insider Ian Rapoport recently shared a similar sentiment.

I don’t believe — from what I understand — that Colin Kaepernick would be surprised by the news that the Eagles are not considering him. He got to this point in the season, he has filed a lawsuit against the league, alleging collusion. Once you file that lawsuit, he knows that it’s not going to happen this year. Even though — and when I’ve spoken to his lawyers, they’ve confirmed this — if he was signed, he would drop the collusion lawsuit. Still not likely to happen. Not going to happen with the Eagles. They’re going to move forward with the guys that they have and the fact that they had such good coaches at the quarterback position probably helps that.

The Eagles are indeed going to move forward with Nick Foles as the starter and 2016 sixth-round pick Nate Sudfeld as his backup.

Really, there’s no need for the Eagles to add a third quarterback at all right now. Philly was comfortable riding with two on the 53-man roster prior to Sudfeld getting a contract offer from the Colts. They only promoted Sudfeld so they could keep him, not because they needed three on the roster. In 2016, the Eagles only had two quarterbacks on the roster for the entire season.

Now, if Foles gets hurt — which isn’t impossible given his injury history — THEN the Eagles would need to be considering outside options. The Eagles might like Sudfeld, but if there’s an opportunity to win the Super Bowl in front of them, they have to at least make the call to an emergency replacement like Kaepernick. Or even Tony Romo!

For now, though, it’s Foles and Sudfeld. Plus a roster of 51 other players and a coaching staff that really need to step up with Wentz out.

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