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Former Eagles player says Seahawks fans have more impact on the game than Philadelphia fans do

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You may have forgotten that the Eagles traded backup offensive tackle Matt Tobin this summer. I don’t know how you could, since the Eagles actually received a 2018 fifth-round pick in exchange for him, plus the Eagles’ 2018 seventh-round selection.

In case you did forget, here’s your reminder that the Eagles sent him to the team they play this week: the Seattle Seahawks.

Tobin shared some thoughts on his former team heading up to this week’s game.

He expressed confidence in his Seattle’s ability to run against the NFL’s top run defense.

“I still feel like we can run the ball on them.”

It’s not like he’s gonna say “Nah, we can’t run the ball on them. They’re too good.” But that’s not going to stop me from having a little laugh. Seattle ranks 19th in rush yards per game and 23rd in rush yards per attempt. Philadelphia’s defense is allowing a mere 65.1 rush yards per game in 2017. That’s over 10 yards fewer than the next closest team (Minnesota Vikings at 75.5).

But I digress.

Perhaps the most interesting thing from Tobin’s interview is what he had to say when comparing Eagles and Seahawks fans.

“They’re hard-core fans who love football.”

OK, that’s a nice thing to say.

What’s the catch?

But if you don’t do good things, they’re not the nicest.

Ah, there it is. Speaking as an expert on this subject, too, since he didn’t do good things in Philly.

He continues.

“The 12’s are a little more rowdy. Well, maybe not more rowdy, but it’s like this: You see a lot of fights in the stands in Philly – that happens all the time – whereas here they’re really cheering for the team they care about. They know they can be part of the game and affect it. It doesn’t get near as loud there as it does here.”

That kinda comes off like: “Eagles fans merely fight in the stands. Seahawks fans are perfectly well-behaved and cheer all the time!”

Gimme a break.

The Eagles are 12-2 at home in the Carson Wentz / Doug Pederson era. Maybe it would’ve been 13-1 if Tobin didn’t allow Ryan Kerrigan to have a game-ending strip sack against Washington last season. (OK, that’s probably too harsh since Tobin was apparently injured during the play.)

Funny enough, however, Seattle actually has more home losses than Philadelphia since the beginning of the 2016 season. So ... who has the real home field advantage?!

Look, I get that Tobin wants to say nice things about his new team. That’s perfectly fine. Just don’t see the need to do it at the expense of Philly fans.

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