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Here’s proof the Eagles are probably headed to the Super Bowl

Can’t argue with this.

Denver Broncos v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are 8-1. Do you know why that’s significant?

Book your tickets to Minnesota, baby. The Eagles are going to the SUPER BOWL.

OK, we still don’t know that for sure. But at this point it’s really not a crazy thing to say.

Yes, just because the Eagles went to the championship game the last four times they were 8-1 doesn’t guarantee anything. But it does provide context for how good this year’s team is. And good isn’t really an accurate description here. This Eagles team is more than good; they’re GREAT! (Right, Tony?)

The Eagles are more than just mere Super Bowl contenders. They should be Super Bowl favorites at this point.

What team in the NFL would you take over the Eagles right now? They have it all. Great coaching. Doug Pederson is doing a fantastic job; he should be Coach of the Year. Carson Wentz is playing like the NFL MVP. Jim Schwartz’s defense is better at stopping the run than any team in the league, which allows them to also pressure the quarterback. Dave Fipp’s special teams unit is still one of the best around.

The Eagles are just an all-around complete team. They’ve been crushing their opponents ... all while missing some of the best players on the roster due to injury: Zach Ertz today, Jason Peters, Darren Sproles, Ronald Darby, Jordan Hicks, etc.

This year just feels different than all of those ones where the Eagles aren’t the team hoisting the Lombardi at the end of the season. This Eagles team is playing great football. They have amazing team chemistry. There’s a strong home field advantage at Lincoln Financial Field. Eagles fans are even representing strong on the road. Everything is clicking.

Now, look. There are tough challenges ahead. The Eagles still have to beat the Cowboys. They still have to play on the road against the Seahawks and the Rams.

But the Eagles shouldn’t fear those teams. Those teams should fear having to play the Eagles.

Philly’s football team is on top of the NFL. It almost feels too good to be true.

But it’s not. The Eagles are for real.

This is a team that can win a Super Bowl.

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