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Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension is delayed again, for now

Delaying the inevitable.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension is back off again ... for now.

The Second Circuit Court has issued a ruling on the NFLPA’s appeal on behalf of Ezekiel Elliott. The court ruled in Elliott’s favor. Elliott has been granted an administrative stay and he can play on Sunday, according to gaming and sports attorney Daniel Wallach.

Elliott is eligible to play against the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend. The stay is only effective for one game, however.

Earlier this week, the New York Southern District Court denied a preliminary injunction for the Dallas Cowboys running back. He was set to miss the team’s next six games, starting this weekend. The suspension has been delayed for now, though.

It feels like Elliott is really only delaying the inevitable by continuing to get his suspension pushed back. Maybe it gets moved to later this year. Maybe he plays this entire year but he has to serve the punishment during the 2018 season.

At some point, the Cowboys will likely be without Elliott. And that’ll be a big loss for them since he’s obviously their best player.

The Eagles play the Cowboys in Week 11 and Week 17 this season. We’ll continue to keep an eye on Elliott’s status, specifically as it relates to those games.

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