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Here’s a really cool story about Corey Clement

Denver Broncos v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Corey Clement is JAG.

Just A Guy.

He’s not exceptionally skilled at any particular thing.

Except one.

Proving people wrong.

Through the first 11 games of his rookie career, the undrafted rookie free agent running back out of Wisconsin has certainly exceeded expectations. Clement has logged 58 rushing attempts for 249 yards (4.5 average) and four touchdowns. As a pass-catcher, he’s contributed with four receptions for 58 yards and two more scores.

That kind of impact is certainly a lot more than I would have expected heading into this season. Sorry for doubting you, Corey.

Someone who didn’t doubt Clement all along is his high school guidance counselor. She actually made a deal with him that she’d give him her BMW if Clement made it to the NFL. And guess what? She followed through.

Now that’s a nice motivation technique. Pretty cool stuff.

As for another person who never doubted Corey Clement?


Check the timestamp on that tweet: May 16, 2012.

He knew all along.

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