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Eagles’ Doug Pederson cracks up when reporter asks him about Carson Wentz’s “premature explosion”


NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Minicamp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A pretty funny moment took place during Doug Pederson’s press conference on Monday. In a question about Carson Wentz’s development, a reporter from the Daily News used the phrase “premature explosion.” The Philadelphia Eagles head coach couldn’t help but laugh.


If Pederson doesn’t have your Coach of the Year vote by now, what else do you need to see?!

Here’s a full transcript of the exchange.

MARCUS HAYES: Jeffrey [Lurie] said at the beginning of the year that a young quarterback, when he starts his first year, he learns what he learns. The second year, he makes a few more steps. But his third year and fourth year is when he kind of explodes. Have we seen, maybe, a premature explosion? Or is there still ...

DOUG PEDERSON: (cracking up) Umm ... (laughing) let’s regroup here (losing it).

JEFF MCLANE: It wasn’t me, Doug. It wasn’t me.

PEDERSON: (still laughing) I know. I know. Um. Hoo boy. Alright. Um. (getting serious) No, I do think, though, that this year, obviously, we wanted to see, as coaches, we wanted to see those increases from a year ago. We wanted to see that incremental increase with Carson and his development and his growth and that’s what you’re seeing. Is there room for improvement? Yes, yes, there is. And just continue to get better. You know, I know phrases like ‘you gotta know where every bone is buried’ offensively. So when we call pass routes, when we call run plays, and understanding fronts and coverages, I want Carson to know where everything is buried. I want him to know when he gets this coverage, [he knows he can go] backside on a particular route combination. And there’s where he can continue to grow as a quarterback. And continue to get better. You see a lot of the great quarterbacks, and he’s on that track, but you see a lot of the great quarterbacks knowing exactly where everybody’s going to be. And then based on what the defense presents, being able to get to that. Maybe it’s the third option or fourth option on a particular route. And that’s where the growth comes.

Doug really used a phrase like “bury the bone” after being asked about a “premature explosion.”


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