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Carson Wentz is LeBron James’ most favorite NFL player to watch

That’s pretty cool.

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Carson Wentz is having one hell of a season. The 24-year-old Philadelphia Eagles quarterback recently became one of only three quarterbacks ever to have 28-plus touchdowns and five or fewer interceptions in a team’s first 11 games.

Wentz’s MVP-like season sure isn’t going unnoticed. One of the best professional athletes in sports history, LeBron James, recently name-dropped the Eagles quarterback.

Hey, that’s pretty awesome. Not exactly bad company.

A couple thing to unpack here:

  • This is just another reminder that Wentz has “arrived.” He’s not just a Philly folk hero. The entire nation is starting to realize this dude is a stud.
  • Pretty funny how a Cleveland player is talking up the greatness of Wentz. That has to sting for the Browns, who are 1-26 since passing on a player they said wouldn’t be “a top 20 quarterback.”
  • LeBron is a “Cowboys fan.” I put that in quotes because from the outside looking in he seems like a casual Cowboys fan. I doubt Dallas fans are seriously upset he said this about Wentz, but maybe some are, so lol at them.
  • LeBron to the Sixers confirmed.

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