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The Philadelphia Eagles have the best touchdown celebrations in the NFL

The Eagles are having a blast out there.

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The 10-1 Philadelphia Eagles aren’t just the team with the best record in the NFL. They’re also the best when it comes to celebrating touchdowns.

The Eagles have performed a number of great celebrations all season long, and what we saw from Sunday’s win over the Chicago Bears was no different.

1) Strike a pose

Carson Wentz connects with Zach Ertz up the seam for the first touchdown of the game. Perfect time to strike a pose:

2) Alshon Jeffery goes bowling

We all know how Jeffery has been big into the baseball celebrations this year. After scoring his seventh touchdown of the season against his former team on Sunday, however, Jeffery went with a different sport. Bowling time.

The Eagles actually practiced this celebration back in training camp this summer.

But apparently they didn’t practice it enough, because Alshon forgot to roll the ball at this teammates.

“I wish I would have rolled the ball,” said Jeffery. “It is something we have been saving up for a couple weeks now. It worked out.”

3) The Electric Slide

The Eagles don’t even need to score touchdowns to find an excuse to celebrate. After Rasul Douglas picked off Mitchell Trubisky late during Sunday’s game, the entire secondary broke out the electric stride.

Unfortunately, Douglas’ pick got overturned after a review. But then Corey Graham got an interception that DID count, so the Eagles just did it again.

“It’s a team effort”

After the game, Doug Pederson was asked about the team’s celebrations. His answer:

They need to hurry up and get off the field before we get a penatly, a delay of game or something, because the clock is running, yeah.

I mean, listen, I let them — I think it’s great. I think it’s great that they can show the excitement, the enthusiasm, and they are doing it with their teammates. It’s about one guy, which the team has really embraced that. It’s a team effort and it is fun to see on a Monday, not on a Sunday afternoon.

The Eagles aren’t just great. They’re also really fun. This team has amazing chemistry. Winning helps in that regard, no doubt, but in any case it’s really cool to see.

This team is oozing with confidence and swagger. They’re dominating and demoralizing their opponents.

This is the most fun Eagles season in such a long time.

And maybe ever.

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