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Cowboys player is getting clowned by Howard Eskin

Eskin vs. Beasley, Part II

Last week, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley and SportsRadio 94WIP Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin got into a fight on Twitter. The two sides exchanged words once again after the Eagles stomped the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

Eskin’s not wrong. Dak Prescott was certainly not “that dude” against the Eagles. The Cowboys quarterback turned the ball over four times in a loss. This didn’t stop Beasley from firing back ... with a typo in his tweet.

Then Howard brings the fire:

Then Beasley brings out the whole “I make more money than you do,” which is real original.

So Eskin fires back again with a HAYMAKER:

Beasley didn’t respond to any of these.

He didn’t need to. After getting embarrassed on national television on Sunday night, Beasley got clowned by Howard Eskin on Twitter.

daLLas taking all kinds of L’s.

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