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Doug Pederson’s postgame locker room speech from the Eagles’ win over the Cowboys is here


The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: the Eagles posted head coach Doug Pederson’s victory speech from Philadelphia’s dominant 37 to 9 win over the Dallas Cowboys. Watch the entire thing below:

A few important observations:

  • Doug loves to mention that “We talked about getting on that plane 9-1” thing in his speeches. That’s his go-to move.
  • “You’re the best team in football right now, but we’ve still got a long way to go.” — It’s simple, but it’s nice to see him stressing this after big wins.
  • “WHERE’S KAMU?” You gotta love that Pederson singled out the Eagles’ linebacker for his emergency kicking performance against the Cowboys. Jalen Mills: “My guy got a TOUCHBACK!”
  • “We rode that big offensive line we do, you guys kicked ass!”

We’ve been saying it all year ... you gotta love this team.