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Eagles-Cowboys Final Score: Observations from Philadelphia’s crushing win over Dallas, 37 to 9


NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles DEFEATED the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night at AT&T Stadium by a final score of 37 to 9 The Eagles advanced to 9-1 on the 2017 NFL regular season. Read on for a recap and observations from the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a home game against the Bears. Watch the BGN Radio postgame show LIVE in the video below (click here if you can’t see it).

#Eagles Victory Show! BGN Radio LIVE from the Sportsradio WIP studios

Posted by Bleeding Green Nation: For Philadelphia Eagles Fans on Sunday, November 19, 2017


Eagles win the coin toss and elect to defer. Easy call. Jim Schwartz’s defense up first.

Dallas takes over with good field position due to a 61-yard kick return. Come on, guys.

Eagles open up with Ronald Darby at right cornerback and Jalen Mills at left cornerback. That’s flipped from how it was in Week 1. The Cowboys go three-and-out with two passes and one run. Nice pass breakup by Jalen Mills on third down. Fingerwag. Mike Nugent nails a 48-yard field goal to take the early lead. Cowboys lead, 3-0.

Eagles take over at the 25-yard line. Carson Wentz connects with Torrey Smith for a first down. Wentz throws to him again for a 7-yard gain. Jay Ajayi takes the first carry of the game for a first down. Then a screen pass to Ajayi for another first. Lane Johnson gets called for a false start, but then the refs correct it to offside on DeMarcus Lawrence. LeGarrette Blount runs twice to pick up a first. Wentz makes a nice throw along the sideline to Kenjon Barner, who bobbles the ball but somehow manages to keep his feet in. Wow! Then Barner takes a carry for a touchdown. BOOM. Heck of an opening drive. Nice celebration, too. Eagles lead, 7-3.

Cowboys pick up a big gain on the ground from Alfred Morris. That sets up play action for another first. Dak Prescott throws on the run for another first. Then he picks up another with his legs. That’s a concern. Vinny Curry bit really badly on the fake handoff and lost contain. Darby makes a nice open field tackle on Dez Bryant in the red zone. Then Darby breaks up a fade pass to Bryant in the end zone. Welcome back, Mr. Darby. That’s a No. 1 corner right there. Cowboys settle for a short field goal. Eagles lead, 7-6.

Wentz takes over and picks up six yards on a keeper. Then he connects with Alshon Jeffery for a nice gain. Dart. On 3rd-and-10, Wentz had Nelson Agholor open for a first on a crossing route but the pressure forced him into scrambling short of the sticks instead. Missed opportunity. Donnie Jones punts and the ball has a chance to be downed at the 1-yard line but the special teams unit can’t make the play. Frustrating performance by Dave Fipp’s unit so far.

Prescott gets pressured by Derek Barnett and Nigel Bradham and forces a quick throw that gets tipped by Malcolm Jenkins. It’s picked off by Rodney McLeod! His third of the season. Nice work, D.

Eagles take over at the Cowboys’ 15-yard line. Ajayi’s first down carry goes nowhere. Wentz overthrows Jeffery in the end zone on second down. Then he underthrows Agholor on a back shoulder. The receiver still had a chance to catch it, but he didn’t. Then Jake Elliott misses a short field goal. WTF?! And now Wentz is being checked in the medical tent for a concussion after taking a knee to the head. Great! But he doesn’t stay there for long, thankfully. Seems to be OK.


Patrick Robinson breaks up a third down pass intended for Cole Beasley. Great play. What a season he’s having. Cowboys punt.

Wentz targets Agholor deep on third down but Cowboys cornerback Anthony Brown has nice coverage to break up the pass. Three-and-out. Nice coverage on the punt by Kamu Grugier-Hill, who makes the open field tackle.

In injury news, Jake Elliott was taken back to the locker room to be evaluated for a head injury. That’s, uh, not good.

Bryant drops a pass along the sideline on third down. Also takes a big hit from Mills. Three-and-out for Dallas.

Eagles throw to Mack Hollins on first down. Run with Blount for a loss on second down. Wentz’s third down pass to Jeffery is incomplete. He wanted pass interference, but no call. Another three-and-out. At least Donnie Jones comes through with a 61-yard punt.

Barnett sacks Prescott for a 12-yard loss. Outstanding. Then Prescott airs it out deep and Darby easily picks it off. Terrible decision/throw. That’s Darby’s first regular season pick with Philly, by the way. What a return for him.

Torrey Smith drops an uncontested pass that would’ve been good for a first down. Ugh. Nice of the Eagles’ 2016 wide receivers to show up in this game. Ajayi’s third down run on a draw is short of the marker. Not crazy about that play call. Another punt.

Cowboys dink and dunk their way into field goal range. Philly’s defense looks tired after being on the field all game long. Prescott’s third down attempt for Bryant sails incomplete. Good coverage by Robinson. Dallas takes the lead with a 47-yard field goal. Cowboys lead, 9-7.

ANOTHER three-and-out. Wentz very fortunate not to be picked on third down after he has a pass tipped. Eagles offense straight up looking like crap right now.

End of first half.


Jake Elliott officially ruled out for the remainder of the game. Great. Backup linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill is practicing kicks on the sideline.

Eagles start the second half with two straight carries by Ajayi. On 3rd-and-inches, Wentz tosses a ball to Brent Celek on a play-fake for a 28-yard gain. Great call by Pederson. Wentz hits Jeffery for a first on 3rd-and-9. That’s two third down conversions after starting the game 0-6 in that category. Corey Clement takes a carry up the middle for a touchdown! And then he catches a two-point conversion! Great play design on that from Pederson. Really good blocking on those plays as well. Eagles lead, 15-9.

Grugier-Hill takes the kickoff and it reaches the end zone! Wow. Not a long of hangtime, but not bad for a linebacker. Dallas feeds the ball to Morris for some sizeable gains. What’s going on with the Eagles’ stout run D? As soon as I say that, Schwartz’s unit steps up to force a punt. Prescott’s third down throw towards the sideline was way high and out of bounds. Nice pressure from Barnett.

Eagles take over at their own 9-yard line. And the Jay Train goes off for a 71-yard run! Too bad he got caught from behind, but still pretty nice! Longest of his career. Then Wentz connects with Torrey Smith for a touchdown pass! Awesome throw to fit that in a tight window. Smith was held on the play but the Eagles obviously declined the flag. On the two-point conversion, Wentz eluded oncoming pass rushes on a scramble and hit a wide open Jeffery. Beautiful! Eagles lead, 23-9.

Grugier-Hill’s second kickoff forces the Cowboys to take a touchback. That’s fantastic. Cowboys start run the ball with success again. Come on, guys. And then again on cue, they step up! Big run stuff on 3rd-and-2 to force a Dallas punt.

Wentz keeps on the read-option on 3rd-and-inches to gain a first. He stiff armed Taco Charlton.


Facing 3rd-and-2, Wentz dodges a free rusher right in his face and fires a pass to Jeffery for a first down. That’s just a big boy play right there. Speaking of big boys, Blount takes a carry for a big gain to put the Eagles in the red zone. Wentz hits Agholor short of the sticks on 3rd-and-3 but the wide receiver spins out of poor Cowboys tackling and runs it into the end zone! But it turns out Agholor’s knee was down. Crap. That would’ve been an amazing play. On 4th-and-5, the Eagles go for it ... and Wentz hits Jeffery over the middle for a TOUCHDOWN! What a freaking throw and what a freaking catch. That’s the No. 1 wide receiver the Eagles paid Jeffery to be. Pay that man. On the 2-point try, Wentz connects with Ertz on a short pass but the tight end fumbles JUST short of the goal line. Ugh. Eagles lead, 29-9.

Cowboys take over and Tim Jernigan sacks Prescott. Then Barnett hit Prescott’s arm as he’s throwing and forces a fumble. The ball is recovered by Nigel Bradham for another Eagles touchdown! The rout is on. Wentz connects with Trey Burton for an easy two-point conversion. Eagles lead, 37-9.

Dallas picks up some big chunks with the Eagles playing a prevent defense. Graham sacks Prescott in the red zone. Then Dak throws a pick to Malcolm Jenkins. Hey, only two more interceptions needed to catch Nathan Peterman!

Eagles take over with just under seven minutes remaining. Clement runs for a big gain. Then the Eagles mix in Blount and Ajayi before having to punt.

With less than four minutes remaining, the Cowboys wave the white flag and replace Prescott with rookie backup Cooper Rush. Cowards. Then Dallas punts on third down. Lol.

Eagles take over. Victory formation time.


Eagles win, 37 to 9. EIGHT IN A ROW. The Eagles are 9-1 heading into Week 12. Life is good.

PS: Dallas Sucks.


Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Cowboys postgame coverage (click here).

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