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Eagles News: Terrell Owens would take Carson Wentz over Donovan McNabb

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/17/17.

Chattanooga v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Terrell Owens Says Carson Wentz Is a Better QB Than Donovan McNabb - TMZ Sports
Terrell Owens says he'd take Carson Wentz over Donovan McNabb -- and he doesn't give a damn what his former quarterback thinks about it. We got T.O. out in Beverly Grove ... and asked the former Eagles wideout to pick between the Eagles superstar QBs. It was a tough call for Terrell, but ultimately -- "I'd probably go with Carson Wentz." But T.O. says he ain't dissin' Donovan ... Wentz is just that good. "Look at what he's done, and what is this -- year two? The upside for him is through the roof. He's definitely making his case for (MVP)," Owens told TMZ Sports. And if the truth hurts -- that's McNabb's problem. "So what? If he is, it is what it is."

The Eagles are better than the Cowboys, and 4 other random Birds thoughts - BGN
The Eagles are better than the Cowboys. Duh! We all read the standings. Somehow, I don’t think that applies here, because, well, there’s always going to be debate over the Birds and ‘Boys until the two actually face each other. And yet I am prepared to defend this — until, inevitably, I am proven wrong on Sunday. It took a semi-leap of faith to proclaim the Eagles as likely favorites over Dallas before the season, but it’s more obvious now: Philly is way more prepared to handle losses of depth, and Carson Wentz reigns supreme. That’s not a dig at a certain other quarterback (see the next point), but it is a dig at Dallas’ depth chart. It’s understandable that the Cowboys are struggling without their running back, left tackle, middle linebacker and kicker, but the Eagles have lost a running back, left tackle, middle linebacker and kicker, and they, my friends, are 8-1, fresh off a 50-point game, with no signs of slowing down.

Dallas Sucks -
Vince Quinn and Brandon Gowton breakdown those dirty, stinkin', no good Cowboys that are missing their LT, RB, MLB, K and Safety... too much confidence for Sunday or not enough? Plus they guys make their NFL picks for this week and a lot more on Ep. 277.

Eagles have easiest remaining schedule among their biggest NFC threats - PhillyVoice
A common thing I've heard this week is something along the lines of, "We're really going to see what the Eagles are made of over the next four weeks, when they face the Cowboys, Seahawks, and Rams," who of course are three playoff contenders in the NFC. While it's true that the Eagles' schedule does become more difficult over the next four weeks, the Eagles have it pretty easy in comparison to the rest of their biggest threats in the NFC.

Big D - Iggles Blitz
Dallas might be wounded, but they are still dangerous. The pressure is going to be on Dak Prescott to carry this team. He couldn’t do that against Atlanta, but the coaches did a poor job of helping him. They didn’t use creative blocking to aid the LT. They left Chaz Green all on his own, as if this was just another game. That didn’t make any sense to me, especially coming from Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan, a couple of quality offensive minds. Garrett and Linehan won’t repeat that mistake. They will use TEs and RBs to double-team or chip block on the RDE. They will use extra linemen in some sets. They will do a better job of protecting Prescott. They certainly can’t do much worse.

The Rivalry: It's Real, And It's So Much Fun -
Trey Burton signed with the Eagles as a rookie free agent in 2014, happy to have a home in the NFL and not aware of the intensity of the fans. “It was immediately after I signed that my social media blew up and the fans told me all about the way they felt about the Dallas Cowboys. I can’t repeat some of the language they used,” he said, laughing. “You learn right away about this rivalry." ...

Philadelphia Eagles' Jay Ajayi explains No. 36 - PennLive
Ajayi, a Pro Bowl running back who arrived from the Dolphins in an Oct. 31 trade, is the first offensive player to wear Westbrook's number since he left the team after the 2009 season. But Ajayi said he meant no disrespect when slipping on his No. 36 jersey (he wore No. 23 in Miami). "It was the number that was open," Ajayi said. "I definitely don't want to step on toes, because I do respect Westbrook's legacy here. And I think, most likely, this is probably going to be my only year in 36, barring a number opening up next year."

Darren Sproles, other injured Eagles veterans still contributing to team - Daily News
“He’ll call and say, ‘Hey, this punter is going to do this this week,’ or ‘This is how he likes to kick and you have to look out for this.’ “He’s been absolutely huge for me. As far as getting me ready to go out there and return punts, there’s no one outside of [special-teams coordinator Dave] Fipp who’s had a bigger impact on me.’’ Sproles is just one of several injured veteran leaders on the team still doing everything they can to contribute to the Eagles’ playoff hopes even if they have played their last game this season. Offensive tackle Jason Peters (knee), linebacker Jordan Hicks (Achilles), and safety and special-teams captain Chris Maragos (knee), who, like Sproles, are on injured reserve, also have been providing valuable input.

Busting myths of Dak vs. Wentz debate: Who's the better QB? - ESPN
With two 24-year-old franchise quarterbacks in close competition, can we really pick one or the other? I've heard and read Dak vs. Wentz arguments all over the place during this breakout season for the Eagles passer. I don't think I've found one yet with a satisfying, complete answer. They either had some shred of truth without telling the whole story or weren't enough to justify picking one passer over the other. Criticisms of Prescott or Wentz either contained Cowboys offensive line-sized holes or also were applicable to the other guy. We're now 25 games into each quarterback's NFL career, a nice, round number for us to break down and use while analyzing the common arguments for and against Prescott and Wentz. In many cases, you'll see that the arguments simply don't hold much merit.

Eagles newcomers slowly learning about rivalry with Cowboys - NBC Sports Philadelphia
Last week, as Torrey Smith enjoyed some time off in the city during the Eagles' bye, he began to hear it more and more. He heard it everywhere he went. "They were like, 'As long as you beat those Cowboys. As long as you beat those Cowboys,'" said Smith, in a voice, before going back to his normal one. "It's pretty cool to be a part of it." The Eagles-Cowboys rivalry is one of the best in the NFL. It certainly means a heckuva lot to the people of Philadelphia. Of the 53 members on the Eagles' roster, 21 hadn't played for the Eagles before this season. And until they joined the team, many of them didn't have a clue about the rivalry. They're starting to figure it out.

NBC tests SkyCam as main angle for Titans vs. Steelers on ‘Thursday Night Football’ - SB Nation
Did you notice that the camera angle for Thursday night’s game between the Titans and Steelers was different? You aren’t alone! It was announced that NBC would be using SkyCam as the main angle for the game a week ago. It provides a view where you can see the routes being run, and what the quarterback is looking at.


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