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Eagles players are celebrating Tim Jernigan’s contract extension

This team is something special.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If you somehow needed more evidence that this Philadelphia Eagles squad has great team chemistry, look no further than the reaction to the news of Tim Jernigan’s contract extension.

The Eagles signed Jernigan to a 4-year, $48 million deal during the bye last week. His teammates took notice as they returned to Philly for their first day back at practice.


Here’s how the $48 million man reacted.

One really cool thing about all of this reaction is that Jernigan hasn’t even been in Philly all that long. The Eagles traded for him back in early April, which was seven months ago. That kind of just speaks to how great the locker room environment is right now. The Eagles are winning and everybody is happy. #Culture.

Here are some more player reactions to Jernigan’s contract extension from last week.

And here’s exactly why Jernigan got paid a lot of money.

He good.

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