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COWBOYS LOSE and Eagles secure two-game lead in the NFC East standings


Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Last week was a great football week. Every team in the NFC East lost ... except the Philadelphia Eagles.

This week was also a great football week. Of the three NFC East teams that played (Washington Redskins had a bye) on Sunday, only the Eagles won. Let’s take an updated look at the NFC East standings, shall we?

In addition to these numbers, here’s a look at how each team stacks up in terms of conference and division games

1 - Eagles | Overall: 4-1 | Conference: 3-0 | Division: 2-0

2 - Washington | Overall: 2-2 | Conference: 1-1 | Division: 0-1

3 - Cowboys | Overall: 2-3 | Conference: 1-2 | Division: 1-0

4 - Giants | Overall: 0-5 | Conference: 0-4 | Division: 0-2

A truly great sight to see.

The Eagles are 3-1 are whooping the Cardinals. Their playoff odds jumped to nearly 80% with the win.

The Cowboys lost on a last minute drive by Aaron Rodgers ... just like they did in the playoffs. Dallas’ playoff odds dropped to 20% with their loss.

The Giants are 0-5 and Odell Beckham Jr. might be done for the season. New York was already done, but now they’re super done.

Washington had a bye but now the Eagles have two more wins than they do and Philly still owns the head-to-head tiebreaker.

Everything’s been coming up Eagles so far this season. Let’s keep the good times rolling.

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