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Nelson Agholor’s touchdown in the Eagles-Cardinals game was one of the most disrespectful plays ever

In a good way!

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

I still can’t get over how incredible that Nelson Agholor touchdown in the Eagles’ win over the Cardinals was. Let’s all watch it again as I try to gather my thoughts.

Just an awesome play by Agholor. Beats his man deep, makes a good catch with his hands extended away from his body, stiffs arms the defender (rookie safety Budda Baker), does a spin move to make it seem like he’s going to the right, cuts it back to the left, manages to stay in bounds while running along the sideline, and then falls BACKWARDS into the end zone for the touchdown.


That play is the NBA equivalent of breaking a dude’s ankles and then driving to the basket to throw down a monster reverse jam. And then hanging on the rim while staring down the helpless defender. So disrespectful (in a good way).

That’s just jaw-dropping stuff right there from a dude who had been so awful during the first two seasons of his career. Now he’s doing this?!

With plays like these, the Eagles certainly aren’t missing Jordan Matthews a lot in the slot. I’m not trying to make this an anti-JMatt thing, but Agholor is just so clearly more explosive.

After the game, Agholor admitted his “fall backwards into the end zone” was inspired by a certain former Eagles wide receiver.

“That was kind of a tribute to [DeSean Jackson],” said Agholor.

“He always used to do that and I watched of lot of his tapes, so shout out to D-Jax for that.”

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