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The Eagles had the best group touchdown celebration in the NFL this week (VIDEO)

This was awesome.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles played a complete game on Sunday in their 34-7 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Even the touchdown celebrations were top notch!

They were so good, in fact, that the Eagles actually had the best celebration of the weekend. And maybe even the season. Maybe all-time? OK, that might be pushing it, but just enjoy this clip of the Birds celebrating Torrey Smith’s 59-yard touchdown reception:

This is some great choreography. Nelson Agholor is the pitcher, Torrey Smith is the hitter, Alshon Jeffery is the catcher, and Carson Wentz is the ump. I’m not sure what Zach Ertz’s role is. I also like how LeGarrette Blount kind of just sneaks in late. Pretty funny.

The celebration is just one of a few things that made this touchdown so satisfying. Another aspect is that it was a great deep throw from Wentz, who has struggled with his accuracy in that area. And it was a ball that was actually caught by Smith, who has been struggling with drops.

In other words, the Eagles really deserved to take advantage of the NFL’s relaxed TD celebration rules and go all out for this one.

Asked about the celebration during the final question of his postgame press conference, Doug Pederson said: “That’s good stuff.”


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