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Eagles announce jersey number for Jay Ajayi

Formerly worn by a great Eagles player.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If the roster on the Philadelphia Eagles’ official website is any indication, Jay Ajayi’s jersey number has been revealed. The new Eagles running back will wear ...

No. 36.

It’s a number that’s obviously associated with one of the greatest Eagles running backs in franchise history: Brian Westbrook.

The reality is that Ajayi didn’t have a lot of numbers to pick him. He couldn’t wear his Miami Dolphins number, No. 23, because Rodney McLeod owns that jersey. Ajayi’s college number, No. 27, is occupied by the Eagles’ other starting safety: Malcolm Jenkins.

The only numbers Ajayi had to choose from were: 25, 37, 46, or 49. 25 wasn’t a real option, either, because the Eagles haven’t handed that out since LeSean McCoy, the franchise’s all-time leading rusher, was traded in 2015. The other numbers are pretty garbage.

36 wasn’t even truly available to Ajayi but the Eagles took it away from practice squad cornerback DeVante Bausby to give it to him.

It probably won’t be long before Eagles Ajayi jerseys go on sale. Now you know what number he’ll be wearing if you want to purchase one of those.

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