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Colin Cowherd is the dumbest sports personality in America


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I’d like to think I usually don’t concern myself with Hot Take Artists such as Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, etc. Their jobs basically involve saying controversial stuff in order to get people riled up and gain more attention. By giving them the attention they want, you lose.

But I just can’t help myself today. I have to share this awful Cowherd take because it’s just so ridiculous.

If you don’t wanna watch the clip, here’s the summary: Philly fans are dumb because they “ran Andy Reid out of town” and they’re too harsh to Villanova head coach Jay Wright. Cowherd also throws a line in there about how “Philly was once the nation’s capitol and [they] blew that too.”


I can’t believe we’re still talking about Reid being fired from the Eagles more than five years later.

In a perfect world, yes, the Eagles would’ve been able to keep Reid around. But it wasn’t realistic. He was too involved in personnel. He even admitted this after leaving Philly.

Reid made a number of big mistakes at the end of his career here. Cowherd totally fails to mention the awful Danny Watkins pick. Or the fact that Big Red hired THE OFFENSIVE LINE COACH to be his defensive coordinator.

Yes, the Eagles had a lot of success under Reid. But they also never won the game that mattered the most. It’s not like Reid was perfect.

It’s true that Reid has had a lot of success with the Chiefs after being fired by Philly. But there’s just no way you can look at that and say “should’ve kept!”

KC is a totally different environment for Reid. He’s less involved with personnel (or at least it appears that way). He’s calling the plays again instead of delegating to lesser-talented offensive coordinators (I’m looking at you, Marty). Reid’s offense going stale in Philly forced him to get creative at his second NFL head coaching gig.

The narrative that Eagles fans ran Reid out of town is so off-base. If Cowherd really believes that Philadelphia is the dumbest sports city in America, then that makes him the dumbest sports personality in America.

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