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Alshon Jeffery finally had his “Alshon Jeffery” moment in Eagles’ win over 49ers

Great sign to see.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like it’s been said just about every week now.

“This is the Alshon game.”

“No, for real this time. This is it.”

Truth be told, the Eagles still haven’t had the Alshon takeover game just yet. But the wide receiver did make a big impact in the Eagles’ win over the 49ers on Sunday. His touchdown reception was peak Alshon.

That’s a No. 1 wide receiver play right there. Go up and get the contested ball. Then finish the play by using size and physicality to fight through contact.

This is the Alshon the Eagles paid $14 million for.

The reality is Jeffery hasn’t been the most efficient target this season. He’s been targeted 62 time but he only has 28 receptions.

Not all of it is his fault. Look back to the Giants game in Week 3 when Jeffery was wide open for a touchdown down the field but Carson Wentz overthrew him. Wentz sailed another potential touchdown pass to Jeffery today against San Francisco.

The good news is there’s time for Wentz and Jeffery to work out the kinks. There’s still half a season left to be played. Maybe Wentz’s touchdown throw to Jeffery is a sign things are headed in the right direction.

To Jeffery’s credit, he seems to be handling his situation very well. It’s not uncommon for wide receivers to be divas and mope about not getting the production they want. Especially when they’re headed into a contract year like Alshon is.

But nope, Jeffery has been a model teammate this season. He’s the one organizing the team’s touchdown celebrations, such as this one from Sunday where he pretends to charge the mound.

To me, this post-game quote from Jeffery says a lot about his good attitude.

On his level of enjoyment playing in the Eagles’ offense:

“I think that’s what it’s all about. No matter who scores, we’re going to keep having fun.”

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