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NFL Trade Rumors: Insider says Eagles will be “very aggressive” before deadline

Trade winds blowing!

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Are the Philadelphia Eagles going to make a move before the NFL trade deadline at 4:00 PM ET on Tuesday, October 31?

At least one NFL insider seems to think so. Check out what Jay Glazer had to say during live broadcasts on FOX this weekend.

This was before the Eagles’ game on Sunday:

“Actually, for the Philadelphia Eagles as he was just talking about, yeah, they’re already calling around about offensive tackles. And they’re going to be one of the most aggressive teams out there because they know what their window is. So expect them to call every team to see if they can upgrade that roster.”

And this was said by Glazer later on Sunday evening:

“The Philadelphia Eagles are going to be very aggressive this week. The trade deadline is on Tuesday. They are the top team in the league right now, record wise. Expect them to be very aggressive this week and try and upgrade before the deadline.”

Never a dull moment with this team.

I know I bring it up a lot, but it’s true: Howie Roseman makes more trades than any other executive in this league. Since 2010, the Eagles have made the most deals and it’s not even close.

The Eagles are in a unique position right now. It’s not every year you start the season 7-1. Philly could look to strike while the iron is hot and add another piece to their team that helps them better compete for a Super Bowl run this year.

Roseman is limited by the fact the Eagles don’t have a plethora of draft picks in 2018. They currently don’t own any Day 2 selections. They do have three fourths and two fifths, however.

Maybe the Eagles look to add more talent at a position of need such as offensive tackle (which was mentioned by Glazer), running back, or linebacker. Maybe there’s a player out there who can be had at a reasonable price.

Or maybe the NFL trade deadline turns out to be uneventful just like it is almost every year.

Glazer is typically a plugged-in guy who knows his stuff. He’s clearly hearing something so it’ll be fun to see if the Eagles make a move or sit tight.

If the Eagles do make a trade, it helps that their bye is coming up after they play the Broncos in Week 9. That rest period gives the newly acquired player extra time to get adjusted to the team.

Stay tuned!

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