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Roger Goodell gets contract extension despite Jerry Jones’ efforts to stop it, report says

Jones still miffed about suspension and anthem protests

NFL Draft Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Roger Goodell and the league have agreed to a contract extension “as a practical matter” despite Jerry Jones’ efforts to “hijack” the negotiations, reports Jason La Canfora of CBS.

There have been differing accounts of Roger Goodell's contract extension in the media, but the reality is the language on the commissioner's extension with the NFL is finalized. "The deal is done," according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, and no owner is delaying the matter.

Jones, still miffed about the Ezekiel Elliott suspension saga and Goodell’s handling of the anthem protests, had attempted to torpedo the extensions. Other owners are displeased with other aspects of Goodell’s tenure, most of which align with the general public:

Among the issues some owners are unhappy with include the performance of Goodell and certain NFL employees, the league's situation with relocating teams back to Los Angeles, and other concerns that date back to Ray Rice's domestic violence case and how that was handled.

The Los Angeles relocation of the Rams and Chargers has gone horribly, but after years of billionaire owners threatening to move to Los Angeles unless taxpayers gave them a new stadium, they sound like hypocrites, which they are. The complaints about the league’s disciplinary actions for domestic violence are justified, with Goodell and his office handing out inconsistent punishments.

Those are legitimate league-wide issues that have embarrassed everyone in the league and infuriated fans. A Goodell contract extension, expected to be announced during Super Bowl week, is sure to displease many fans. Jones’ reasons are petty and vindictive, a Goodell contract extension is sure to displease him as well.

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