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NFL spokesman says there are no signs of bias among Pete Morelli's crew toward the Eagles


Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

After careful thought and consideration, the NFL has determined there are no signs of bias among Pete Morelli’s crew toward the Philadelphia Eagles.

Look, there’s just absolutely NO evidence to support otherwise.

Oh, wait ...

Meanwhile, a petition to ban Morelli from Eagles games has earned nearly 75,000 SIGNATURES and counting. I’d say this isn’t just some minority opinion.

It’s not like anyone realistically expects the NFL to throw Morelli under the bus or take any drastic measures. But to act like nothing is wrong with that penalty disparity is dumb and, quite frankly, insulting to everyone’s intelligence.

One can argue whether Morelli is truly biased against the Eagles or not. But you can’t deny there’s at least some basis for having the argument.

The NFL could have at least given a weak “it’s something we’re evaluating” statement. Instead, both them and the NFLRA have doubled-down and acted like it’s impossible for something to be wrong with the officiating.

Give me a break.

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