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Police arrest fan who sucker punched someone in the face at Eagles-Panthers game

Justice is served.

The Carolina Panthers fan who was caught on video sucker punching another Panthers fan in the face during the Eagles-Panthers game on Thursday night has been taken to jail.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have arrested Kyle Adam Maraghy and charged him with simple assault.

David is the name of the man who was assaulted by Maraghy. You can [click here] to see a picture of the injuries he suffered (caution: blood / graphic).

David attended the game with an Eagles fan friend of his: Gene Serba. Serba talked to CBS Philly about what transpired at the game on Thursday evening.

“The guy was just being a jerk in front of us,” he explained. “They were standing up not to watch the game or cheer or anything just to be a jerk.”

Panthers Executive Director of Risk Management Lance Emory released a statement about the incident on Friday.

“We have reviewed video tape of the incident and have identified the perpetrator. We are working with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department to pursue charges to the fullest extent of the law. The Carolina Panthers are committed to a fan-friendly and family-friendly stadium experience. The behavior exhibited by the perpetrator is unacceptable and will not be condoned at Bank of America Stadium.”

It’s unfortunate this incident took place. But now the fan who decided it was a good idea to sucker punch someone is behind bars.

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