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Eagles vs. Chargers Final Score: Philadelphia defeats Los Angeles, 26-24

Eagles win!

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday at StubHub Center by a final score of 26 to 24. The Eagles advance to 3-1 on the 2017 NFL regular season. Read on for a recap and observations from the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a home game against the Arizona Cardinals. Watch the BGN Radio postgame show LIVE in the video below (click here if you can’t see it).

BGN Radio LIVE - #Eagles vs #Chargers Postgame Show #FlyEagleFly

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Chargers win the toss and elect to receive. Los Angeles on offense first.

Tim Jernigan got into Philip Rivers’ face on the first play to force an incompletion. Nice. Then the Eagles allowed a 31-yard completion to Travis Benjamin. Not nice. Then Rivers got chased down from behind by Chris Long, who knocked the ball out. Recovered by Derek Barnett. Very nice! Huge cheers from the many Eagles fans in attendance.

Stefen Wisniewski got the start at left guard. Wendell Smallwood started at running back and picked up a nice gain on his first carry. The Eagles didn’t stick with him, though. They also mixed LeGarrette Blount and Corey Clement in. Carson Wentz hit Nelson Agholor with a GORGEOUS deep pass to put the Eagles in the red zone. Wentz, who has struggled with his accuracy on those this year, dropped it right in the bucket for Agholor to catch. Great ball on the 36-yard completion.

Wentz connected with Alshon Jeffery on a short pass over the middle for an Eagles touchdown. Great start! Eagles lead, 7-0.

Before the Chargers started their second drive, the Cowboys LOST to the Rams. Beautiful. Dallas drops to 2-2. This was a really costly loss for them.

Los Angeles takes back over. Three and out. Eagles getting good pressure early. With Darren Sproles out, Kenjon Barner was back to receive the punt.

The Eagles’ offensive line did a great job of opening big holes for the run game on the team’s second drive. Wentz avoided a sack and threw across his body to an open Blount on the other side of the field for a first down. Impressive. Then Wentz took his eyes off the snap and the ball hit him in the face for a fumble. Luckily he recovered. The Eagles faced 3rd-and-13 and ... ran the ball with Clement ... for a short gain. OK, then. Jake Elliott nails the 45-yard field goal. Eagles lead, 10-0.


Eagles defense surrendered a decent gain to Keenan Allen with Barnett in coverage. Defensive end on a wide receiver ... not exactly an ideal matchup there. No matter, Chargers end up having to punt.

Chance Warmack takes over at left guard on the Eagles’ third drive. The rotation is back. Why. Wentz targets Torrey Smith for a big gain but the wide receiver drops it. Brutal. It was a perfect pass. Smith’s already had too many of those this season (four). Time for some more Mack Hollins. Blount picked up some more hard-fought yards and Wentz makes some plays with his arm and legs to get the Eagles in the red zone. Just picking the Chargers’ defense apart. Wentz targets Smith in the end zone but the tightly covered receiver can’t come up with it. Eagles settle for a 40-yard field goal and Elliott nails it. Eagles lead, 13-0.

Chargers get the ball back and score immediately. Rivers to Tyrell Williams for a 75-yard touchdown. Rookie cornerback Rasul Douglas got burned. He’s done some nice things since getting on the field in Week 2 but that’s a big concern with him right there. He’s not the fastest corner. Looks like Rodney McLeod was out of position, as well, when it came to the safety help. Eagles lead, 13-7.

Passes to Smallwood and Zach Ertz help move the chains. But then the Eagles have to settle for a field goal. Elliott. 53 yards. Automatic. What a beast. Eagles lead, 16-7.

Beau Allen sacks Rivers after the Chargers quarterback tries to scramble. First solo sack of his career. Good god, Rivers is so slow. L.A. has to punt.

Wisniewski takes back over for Warmack. More hard running from Blount. A thing of beauty. Eagles get to midfield and face 4th-and-1. They go for it ... nope. Timeout and a punt. Boooo, c’mon Doug Pederson.

Sure enough, the Chargers get the ball and drive down the field into the red zone. Douglas gives up another big play. Los Angeles kicks a field goal to make it a one-possession game. Great thing the Eagles punted though, right? Eagles lead, 16-10.

Feels like the Birds should be up by a lot more.


Eagles get the ball to start the second half. Wisniewski still in at left guard. Philly runs the ball on 3rd-and-8 and it’s short. Second time the Eagles have run the ball on third-and-long. Didn’t convert on either try. Looks like it was Wentz who audibled to the run. Punt.

Rivers threw up a 50-50 ball to Allen that Mills had a chance to pick. Ended up being a pass breakup instead. Eagles defense forces the Chargers into third-and-long but then gives up the first down due to a missed tackle from Nigel Bradham. More like Nigel Badham. Malcolm Jenkins makes a key open field tackle to force the Chargers into 4th-and-7 around midfield. The Chargers try to go for it ... but they can’t get the play in. A furious Rivers spikes his mouthfield into the ground. Lol he mad. Los Angeles punts after taking the delay of game penalty.

Warmack back in the game at left guard. Sigh. Looks like the rotation involves two series then a swap. Wentz hits for a big gain down the field. Nice over-the-shoulder grab from Ertz on a dime from the quarterback. Wentz airs it out again but Marcus Johnson has to break up a potential interception by a Chargers defensive back in the end zone. The Eagles face 4th-and-1 and go for it. Wentz picks up the first on a QB sneak. Good job, Doug. Wentz faces 3rd-and-8 and drills a pass to Jeffery for a first down. Dude is so freaking clutch in those spots. Great pre-snap recognition.

Eagles end up having to kick a field goal. Elliott’s attempt from 47 yards is good. 4 for 4 on the day. Eagles go up two possessions. Eagles lead, 19-10.

Brandon Graham gets called for holding on a screen. Then Douglas gets flagged for being too grabby in coverage. Looked like a tacky penalty. Late flag, too. Eagles fans in the stadium booed loudly.


The Chargers got away with a blatant hold on Long. Then Austin Ekeler (???) runs up the middle for a 35-yard touchdown. Great drive by the refs there. Eagles lead, 19-17.

An AWESOME 68-yard run by Blount puts the Eagles near the goal line. HOLY CRAP! Longest of his career. That’s some Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode stuff. Grown ass man.

The Eagles couldn’t get much going in goal territory. Then a penalty by the Chargers gave them a new set of downs. Fortunate. Eagles get to third down ... and Smallwood punches it in up the middle! Beautiful. Great block by Wis (keep him in there!). Back to a two possession game with 9:14 remaining. Eagles lead, 26-17.

Philly had the Chargers in 3rd-and-10 but gave up a huge completion to Allen. Killer. 1st-and-goal for Los Angeles. Vinny Curry gets called for a late hit. Rivers hits Hunter Henry for a touchdown with 6:44 remaining. Ugh. Eagles lead, 26-24.

Eagles play conservative in an effort to run some clock. Dink and dunk. Running the rock. A big 3rd-and-1 conversion from Clement. And then another! Huge. Blount breaks out a big run to get to 3rd-and-1 with 1:54 remaining. Chargers have no more timeouts. Blount picks up a 15-yard gain! BALL GAME. Eagles win, 26-24.



Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Chargers postgame coverage (click here).

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