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Eagles news: Are changes to assistant coaches on the horizon?

News and notes for 1/7

Philadelphia Eagles v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

NFL insider notes: Look what rewarding mediocrity got these 8 failed teams - CBS

The Eagles will be making some coaching changes at the assistant level from what I hear (and it could be more should their defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz, get another head coaching gig). I'd anticipate a few tweaks on both sides of the ball and possibly in personnel as well.

Should the Eagles try to extend Jordan Matthews' contract? - Philly Voice

When asked if he would like a weapon who is always a mismatch for the defense no matter who covers him, Wentz replied, "That's always helpful, but at the end of the day we were very confident in the guys we had nonetheless."

OK, so we've established that Matthews is not a "No. 1 receiver." Yes, I know... "Duh."

Whatever it is you think of Matthews, ranging from a high-end No. 2 to a good No. 3, the Eagles are unlikely to pay him commensurately with the market that was set by Jones last offseason.

...which means that Matthews is probably going to head into the 2017 season playing out the final year of his rookie contract.

Jim Johnson put Dawkins in Hall of a position - Daily News

"It was just a beautiful marriage. He knew that I would do anything to make his blitzes work. And I knew that he trusted me to get home. So when he called my number (on a blitz), I was going to do whatever it took (to get there). Whether it was diving over somebody, running through somebody, whatever it took. I was going to make his blitzes work because he trusted me so much."

Dawkins was part safety, part cornerback and part linebacker. He hated being called a free safety or strong safety. Felt it pigeonholed him.

"I was more than both of those," he said. "I could do both of those and also I did some nickel work. I covered the slot from time to time. I covered receivers. We used to have so many corner blitzes, so I covered receivers man-to-man.

"I was doing so many other things than what those positions defined me as. It wasn't that I could do them because Jim wanted to call them. I could do them because I could do them."

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