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Eagles news: No pressure for the front office, other than getting everything right

News and notes for 1/5

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

For Howie Roseman, Eagles, it's time to walk the walk - ESPN

“To have a guy like Carson makes it feel like you’re doing the right thing when you don’t do a lot of Band-Aids,” Roseman said.

Problem is, there are plenty of positions that could use a quick fix, including wide receiver, cornerback and running back. Roseman quipped that he doesn’t have a DeLorean time machine to go back and get back some of the difference-makers that Kelly let go. But he does have the option to pursue DeSean Jackson in free agency, and there’s already been some talk that they may do just that. There will be many temptations come March, and while the Eagles don’t have the same amount of cap flexibility that they’re accustomed to, this is a group that has had trouble resisting temptation in the past.

As for the draft, Roseman and Lurie have tabbed Joe Douglas as the head of the personnel department. Douglas has authority to set the draft board, Roseman said. A product of the Baltimore Ravens' scouting machine, Douglas has helped build a championship team. He is largely credited for Joe Flacco, among others. Douglas has "a way of looking and evaluating players that is different than what we’ve done in the past,” Roseman said. “And quite frankly, we needed that.”

Roseman, though, has the final say. No matter how that draft board is built, he can theoretically deviate from it since he holds the hammer.

Roseman says Eagles fix won't be quick - Inquirer

Doug Pederson and the players looked at the season and pointed out, repeatedly, that six of the team's nine losses came by seven points or fewer. Their mantra was that the Eagles are that close to being a legitimate contender with what they have. A play here, a play there. A player here, a player there. That close.

The argument would be more convincing if the same things weren't said by so many teams with mediocre records. Thirteen NFL teams finished with seven, eight or nine wins this season and, in combination, they failed to win 62 games decided by one score, or an average of four per team. So, by extension of the Eagles' logic, every one of them actually had the potential to be 11-, 12-, and 13-win teams.

Take the Buffalo Bills and the New Orleans Saints, both of which finished with the same 7-9 record as the Eagles. The Bills also lost six games by 7 points or fewer. The Saints lost seven games by six points or fewer, including four of them by a field goal or less. Is anyone talking about the Bills or Saints being right around the corner? No, and there is even an official league term for teams that lose close games: Losers.

Roseman, to his credit, is aware of that, and promised the organization would do more than just put "band-aids" on open wounds within the roster.

Joe Douglas' large role in personnel department draws praise - Penn Live

"He's got a way of looking at and evaluating players that is different than what we've done in the past, and quite frankly, we needed that," Roseman said. "He has full rein to set the draft board. He's involved in every discussion we have about building this team, and I think we'll start seeing dividends."

Douglas rose through the scouting ranks over the past 15 years while working under Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome, one of the league's most respected executives. Members of Baltimore's personnel staff credited Douglas for discovering quarterback Joe Flacco when he was a lanky college kid at Delaware.

In 2015, Douglas left Baltimore to work as the Chicago Bears' college scouting director for a year, before Philly offered a more lucrative gig and a shinier title.

Douglas hired Andy Weidl, who also worked with the Ravens under Newsome, in May to serve as his assistant.

"When we look at the success the Ravens had, and certainly they've won two world championships since the start of the century, what they're looking for and the trades they're looking for in particular positions fits the way that this city is built, too," Roseman said. "We want to find whatever ways there are to improve this team and to improve the quality of players on this team, and I'm really confident that we have the right people in our scouting staff to do that."

An oral history of the Eagles ejecting a beat writer from the press box - The Ringer

Bob Ford (Inquirer columnist): Actually, it was sort of a compliment. Most sportswriters, it would take maybe half a security guard to eject you. They felt Jeff McLane required three security guards. I think that really reflects well on him and how the organization views him.

I can see this story is really going to turn out great.

Bowen: My first impulse was for everyone there to sort of be Spartacus and say, “No, if you throw him out, you throw all of us out.” There were things said to that effect. [Gordon’s] response was that would be just fine.

Hayes: She turned to us and pointed her walkie-talkie at us and said, “Anybody who doesn’t agree with this, I’ll eject them too.”

Eliot Shorr-Parks ( Eagles writer): Granted, at that point everyone sat back down.

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