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Super Bowl 2017: There are some ridiculous prop bets out there

Orange Gatorade all the way.

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Every year, folks bet on the Super Bowl. People think the game’s a sure thing, and then they blow money on the wrong team and spend the rest of the night wallowing in their combined lack of sports knowledge AND loss of money! What a day.

There are more things to bet on, however, than the outcome of the game. Thanks to, we’ve got a whole slew of ridiculous prop bets, some of the best parts of the week leading up to Super Sunday.

Here’s just a sampling of the site’s Super Bowl 51 prop bets, starting with some straight up odds:

Odds on what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach:

Orange: 7/2
Blue: 15/4
Clear/Water: 4/1
Purple: 6/1
Yellow: 13/2
None: 10/1

ORANGE, it is my favorite Gatorade flavor and I like to imagine everyone else realizes it’s the best, too.

Odds the game gets delayed (by anything): 19/1

I would not bet the game gets delayed. It doesn’t happen all that often, and with so many people working to keep the game a well-oiled machine, I’m gonna bet it goes off without a hitch.

Odds Lady Gaga gets booed during the halftime show: 9/1

Lady Gaga is wildly underrated, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she came out with a super dramatic staging sequence to start the performance. Still, Lady Gaga the GOAT.

Odds a fan streaks the field: 4/1

Nah, streaking at the Super Bowl seems like asking to get completely wrecked by a huge security guard hopped up on Super Bowl Sunday adrenaline. No thanks.

And here are some over/under prop bets…

O/U on the number of times the phrase “greatest of all-time” is said during the broadcast: 5.5

OVER. They’d better say it about a zillion times, because Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time, YEAH I SAID IT.

O/U on the number of times Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are seen on screen during the broadcast: 4.5

OVER which is rough because ugh Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, but good because we get to marvel at the beautiful beast that is Buck’s beard.

O/U on the length of the broadcast: 215.5 minutes

OVER, this only requires 3:36?! These two teams are going to be throwing a lot and scoring a lot. Incomplete passes stop the game. Scores stop the game. Gimme a four-hour affair!

O/U on the number of times FOX show stars are shown in the crowd during the broadcast: 1.5

OVER, although please don’t ask me who FOX stars are before the game starts, I do not watch cable and am terribly uninformed.

O/U times Robert Kraft and family are shown during the game: 2.5

UNDER, I think it’ll happen just twice, but I don’t know anything about how often this actually happens. Zero would be better.

O/U commercials parodying Donald Trump: 1.5

OVER, he’s literally the only thing we’re talking about these days, there’s no way there aren’t at least five.

O/U commercials featuring Peyton Manning: 1

OVER, I love Peyton Manning commercials. he’s kind of a morally questionable dude, but he’s got very good comedic timing. Super Bowl commercials have been lame lately, and he can fix that.

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