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Philadelphia Eagles Jeffrey Lurie approval poll: January 2017

Another season in the books.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, we’ve come to the end of yet another season of Philadelphia Eagles football. This one felt like it flew by pretty fast. There were peaks and valleys — remember Week 3? — and lots to process.

We’re starting the compartmentalization process this week by conducting a series of year-end approval polls. Before what promises to be a formative offseason, how do Eagles fans feel about the people in charge of the team?

We begin today with team owner Jeffrey Lurie.

When BGN readers were asked at the beginning of December what they thought of the job Lurie was doing, his numbers reached an all-time low in the two-plus year history of BGN’s approval polls. Lurie’s approval clocked in at a startlingly low 41 percent. The Eagles were mired in a five-game losing streak, Doug Pederson was seemingly losing control of his football team, and things weren’t ideal.

Fast forward to the first week of 2017 and things don’t seem as bad. Pederson corralled his team. Carson Wentz finished strong. The Eagles won seven games in a season that was more about learning than succeeding.

Lurie has been the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles for 22 and a half years now. He’s led the team to pockets of unprecedented prosperity, broken up by a failed experiment with a brilliant mind, and in the past year he tried to recapture some of that previous prosperity by returning to prior practices. Doug Pederson isn’t perfect, but he seems capable. The same can be said for Howie Roseman. The Eagles, as a team, have an arrow pointed slightly up. It can be lifted even more if the offseason is handled well.

The Eagles aren’t the Patriots, but Lurie has in theory placed his team in a position to progress and succeed over the next handful of years.

Are you confident in Jeffrey Lurie as owner of the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Lurie Approval Polls:

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