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Make your case for the Eagles 2017 draft picks

Pound the table

NFL: NFL Veteran Combine Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason is essentially its own season: after four months of regular season games, there’s three months leading to free agency and four to the Draft.

We eat it up. And we’re hungry for more. On Fridays we’ll front page one worthy scouting report fan post. Fan Post Fridays.

We don’t really care what your evaluation is, or who it’s of. If you want to argue that a player like Corey Davis or Dalvin Cook that many really like for the Eagles would be a bad pick, go ahead. If you want argue that a player like DeDe Westbrook or D’onta Foreman is getting underrated, go for it. For all anyone knows, you might be right. There are always draft busts and always later picks who are top players. Got a favorite player that isn’t one of the star names, or you want to pound the table for someone from your favorite college team? Great.

What we do care about is that your argument is well thought out. There’s no minimum word requirement or specific format to follow, but it’s got to have some substance, depth and a cohesive structure.

Over 250 players will be taken in the Draft. The Eagles are scheduled to take 8 of them. There’s plenty of opportunity out there.

Have at it and see you on Friday.

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