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Watch: the Eagles’ 2016 hype video is here, and it’s good

It features a Miles Austin cameo!

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Few things signify a new Eagles season more righteously than the team debuting its brand new hype video. The 2016 edition dropped today. (I’d love to know what it looked like before Howie launched Sam Bradford to Minnesota.) It’s very good.

Some notes:

0:18 - The Eagles sacking Colin Kaepernick! Political protest aside, I’m sure the Eagles video people were instructed to use as many highlights of Chip Kelly’s 49ers getting tackled as they could find. I can imagine Howie sitting in his office, watching that clip on repeat.

“Howie,” an intern says, “you know the whole video is like two minutes long, right?”

“Shh, not now,” Howie answers. “Not now.”

0:29 - How does Fletcher Cox not have a nickname? This is a fair question. One answer: this is Philadelphia, we’re all 12 years old, and his last name is Cox.

Work on that, friends.

0:49 - More highlights of the Eagles beating the 49ers!

0:58 - “Yeah, you should be able to audible,” an Eagles fan says to his radio.

You hear that, Chip? Eagles quarterbacks should be allowed to audible at the line of scrimmage. LET THEM AUDIBLE.

1:10 - Jeffrey Lurie tells the camera to just text him. I’m not certain Jeffrey Lurie knows how to text. If he does, is he a big emojis guy? I hope he uses emojis. Hey, Jeffrey, get us an eagle emoji. Then we’ll text.

1:25 - Hey, look! Doug Pederson! Remember him? Yeah, he’s our head coach. It took us 85 seconds to put him in this video. We put that guy talking to his radio in here twice before we showed Doug.

1:53 - Was that...

let me just rewind the...


Yes it was.

1:57 - It closes out with, “Family on three! 1-2-3, family!” Pretty cool chant.

I’m ready for Sunday.

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