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A new era at Bleeding Green Nation

The times they are a changing

This weekend, the franchise we all love made a huge change. They moved on from a seasoned veteran, turning the page on the franchise. Some think it's risky. Others think it could change the course of Philadelphia history as we know it.

That's right. SB Nation hired Dave Mangels and Adam Hermann to run Bleeding Green Nation.

With the departure of the great BLG, Bleeding Green Nation is entering a new era just as the Eagles embark on one of their own. It's the Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz show in Philadelphia, and we're thrilled to be here to lead you into whatever lies ahead.

And for those of you who don't like change, don't worry: we're not overhauling the site. We both worked with BLG. We love this place the way it is. It's incredible. We'll add our own little flair here and there, but our goal is just to keep all the great stuff BLG did going, and maybe add some new, exciting pieces to the puzzle.

For those of you who don’t know Adam, he’s a Pittsburgh native and currently a journalism student at Drexel University. He grew up watching the Eagles because of his father, his first jersey was a green No. 22 Duce Staley, and he likes his cheesesteak provy wit, preferably from Jim's, because he is not a tourist but also he kind of is.

As for Dave, he’s originally from Cherry Hill before carpet bagging down to Atlanta, where the Georgia Dome is at least half filled with Eagles fans when the Birds come to town. Little did he know that taking a chance and hanging out with Dan Klausner and Mike Kaye before the Eagles game in Tampa in 2013 would open the doors that would lead him to today.

We’re excited for a new era of both the Eagles and BGN, and we hope you are too.

Fly Eagles Fly!

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