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Sam Bradford Trade: Eagles quarterback sent to Vikings in exchange for draft picks


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The Philadelphia Eagles have traded Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for multiple draft picks, as first reported by NFL insider Adam Schefter. The Eagles officially confirmed the trade. According to the announcement, Philadelphia will receive Minnesota's 2017 first round pick and 2018 conditional fourth round pick. Albert Breer reports the fourth round pick can even elevate to a second or third.

So ... talk about a shocking trade! This is madness.

The Vikings were obviously in need of a new quarterback after Teddy Bridgewater suffered a seriously gruesome injury earlier this week, but no one expected something like this to happen. Doug Pederson and the Eagles have been very adamant that Bradford was entering the season as Philadelphia's starting quarterback. Now that won't be the case.

It's been clear Bradford didn't figure into the Eagles' long-term plans. This much was evident when Philadelphia traded to the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft to acquire Carson Wentz. Still, most expected Bradford to at least last the 2016 season. The Eagles re-signed him to a two-year, $35 million contract worth $22 million guaranteed back in March.

In any case, Bradford is gone. The Eagles will need a new starter at quarterback. Philadelphia could opt to start Wentz right away. He's the future of the franchise, so why not? The only issue is whether the Eagles feel he's ready. The rookie quarterback missed the final three preseason games after suffering a rib injury in early August.

If Wentz isn't the starter, it could Chase Daniel who gets the call. Daniel has struggled this summer, but Pederson could be more comfortable opening the season with the player he coached in Kansas City. Even if Daniel starts the season, however, it's likely only a matter of time before he's benched for Wentz.

It's truly crazy to see how much the Eagles got in return for Bradford. There didn't seem to be a big market for him earlier this offseason, and reasonably so. The injury-prone Bradford turns 29 in November and he hasn't accomplished much in his career to this point. The former No. 1 overall pick has never led his team to an eight win season. He ranked 25th in yards per attempt, tied for 33rd in touchdown-interception ratio, and tied for 26th in passer rating last season. He's been a mediocre-at-best quarterback for most of his career.

Bradford might be gone now but the Eagles will be seeing him again shortly. The Vikings will travel to Lincoln Financial Field to play the Eagles on Sunday, Oct. 23. Should be an interesting game.

This trade also means the Eagles now will have a first round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. It was thought they wouldn't after the Birds gave up their first to the Browns in order to get Wentz. The Eagles having a first this year is especially relevant since the draft will be hosted in Philadelphia next April.

All told, Howie Roseman and the Eagles deserve a lot of credit for pulling this trade off. They took advantage of Minnesota's desperation and cashed in big.

UPDATE: Details on the conditional 2018 fourth round pick the Eagles received.

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